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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Urban Farming, I Hate Cold and Love Sofia Jannok

You'll be so surprised to hear that I picked up a copy of a magazine that I never knew existed before called "Urban Farm".  Here's their website: Urban Farm Online

Oh to see the shock on your face, eh?


Well, anyway, I was reading an article on chickens and the author was talking about how the egg production slows as the days get shorter (darker) and she lets them just take their rest and do their thang.  (Apparently there are other people who are so intense with their egg production that they force their chickens to keep on laying by introducing artificial light or something.  I do not know.  I do not have chickens.  Yet.)

But even though this is awesome and great, that is not the thing I loved most about this article.

This woman, I'm pretty sure, is 100% (maybe even more than that!) awesome.  Her name is Kelly Wood (from Portland, Oregon) and the name of the article is called "Egg-laying in Winter". (Urban Farm, p. 52-55)

She starts off her article describing how she loves the summer.  She loves waking up to the sunshine, it makes her feel productive and energized.  She gets in her garden and works it and often doesn't come in until the mosquitoes have bitten her up in the evening.  She says she even LOVES THE HEAT AND HUMIDITY.  Sigh!  (I was nearly jumping and screaming with joy at that sentence.)  Then she contrasts it with the disgusting cold and (okay, I may have added the "disgusting" part) the short days.  She says it makes her want to sit on the couch with a blanket and knit and read books.  

And probably just cry and wish it were summer again.

(Okay, fine.  I may have added that last bit, too.)

So I read it to my husband aloud and he remarked that she sounded just like me.  Maybe I have a twin out there somewhere.  Probs.  Except she already HAS chickens.  So jealous.

I love being warm.  When I have the somewhat rare opportunity to be in a car by myself, I turn the heat up all the way as hot as it can get and then turn the fan blasters on at the highest level to replicate a sauna (shout out to all my suomis out there!).  In fact - when I drive home from my morning post-pool workout, I often dry my hair with my car.  This is very effective when you want to look like Medusa.  So pretty, oh, so pretty!  I'm pretty sure if I do it often enough, it will eventually become a very popular style and everyone will try to emulate me and then I'll be in Vogue magazine in an interview and tell everyone my secret to great hair is to saturate it for an hour with chlorine and dry it with a car. 

It is dreadful to be cold.  And all those layers!  Ugh!  Your seatbelt has to stretch farther, you get all squooshed in your clothes and on your neck, you can't do cartwheels as easily (or other super important things!) - I could go on and on! 

Do you know in the summer when it is 100 degrees F or so, what one of the most fun and amazing things to do at 3:00 in the afternoon is?  Why, sit/lay on cement and absorb heat and sunshine, of course!  It is like your own personal outdoor sauna (If you just said "sana" in your head, you pronounced it wrong.  It's "sow-na".  It's Finnish.  Get it right or we'll come after you.  That's like saying "tortiLLa" with an "L" sound.  Ick!  Or pronouncing the "S" on the end of Illinois.  Epic failures all around.)  And that, my dears, is delicious.

Why on EARTH are you looking at me like that?  Pish posh.  Have you tried it before?  See.  There ya go.

Okay, so you're one of those people who likes that gross thing called "cold weather".  Okay, I get it.  I must admit, I do have some things I like about winter too.

One of those things is (OBVIOUSLY) snow skiing.  It is pretty much the funnest (yes, I am a word inventor) thing you can do in the snow.  Another fun activity is putting on your Yaktrax and going out for a run in the softly falling snow (even though you can't feel your legs or face for like eight days afterwards).  Probably worth it.  Frostbite what?

And then there is the landscape of winter in it's clean delight.  One video makes me appreciate this very much.  You can see it here with Sofia Jannok singing "Irene".  It's in Sami and she sings joiks (Swedish yodeling).  And it's probably the cutest thing you'll ever see on earth.  She is adorable.  She flops around in the snow and can really crank out the sound with a passionate flourish.  She is so one of my flavorites.  Oh please, go watch that. 

Did you do it?  Why not!?  You'll totally love it.  I promise I'll wait for you.  Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease????

Thank you!

That's all that I can think of at the moment on the positive side of frigid death. 

Well, gotta go out to the sauna car now.  Stay warm and cozy, my dearies! 

Peace, love, chickens, summer and joiks,
Ms. Daisy

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