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About Ms. Daisy

Hey peeps, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you'll find some helpful information (even though I'm sorry to say, sometimes you're likely to be utterly horrified at some of it).

Here's my scoop - I love researching, learning and being a bit wacky.  Some of my passions include clean food, health coaching, organizational consultation, health education, homeopathic remedies, exercise and all aspects of triathlons. 

If you'd like to compare your likes to mine, here's a fairly strange (although somewhat descriptive) list for you to do so:

I love:
- diagramming sentences
- finding something beautiful in every person

- learning foreign languages (current interests: Latin, Finnish)
- winning
- swimming
- silence
- distance running
- trail running
- astronomy
- really good hugs that make you feel like you're swallowed up
- Monty Python
- tea pots
- having a birthday
- good genes
- dance parties
- making lip-syncing videos
- burning incense (oboro and kasumi are my favorites)
- eating in-season fruits and veg to excess (strawberries, tomatoes, raspberries, cherries, etc.)
- pink things
- laughing
- intelligent conversations
- dressing up 
- pencil skirts 
- MSU college football
- cleaning my house to perfection and then staring at it
- dark chocolate (85%+)
- sunshine
- challenges 
- volleyball
- salsa music
- right angles
- the history of England, especially those crazy monarchs
- Bob Barker
- instagram
- hot weather
- learning
- the smell of chlorine, sauna wood, patchouli, ripe peaches, people I love, basil, and rosemary
- glitter, sequins, sparkly things
- the writings of Joel Salatin, Mark Hyman, M.D., Max Lugavere, Ben Greenfield
- edging my lawn
- fancy whiskey and cabernet sauvignon 
- electric toothbrushes
- being in the water, chlorinated or lake
- farmers who farm the right way
- well-behaved children
- Four Sigmatic's matcha
- the feeling of being in the waves all day and then closing your eyes at night and feeling them again
- documentaries
- having my nails painted
- dancing at weddings
- looking up at the stars
- how Londoners speak
- Komo grain mills
- clean car interiors

I must:
- wear makeup at all times (unless I'm sleeping...or swimming, I suppose)
- gag at incorrect grammar, punctuation and spelling wherever it may be found
- use peppermint castile soap wherever I am (keep it in a spray bottle in my purse)
- have my house picked up before I leave it, go to sleep or eat a meal
- dance wildly when I hear a song I love
- exercise or I'll die of crazy
- always have my toenails painted
- race people using the stairs when they're going up the escalator in public buildings
- wave like the Queen of England at my adoring fans on shore while I slalom water ski 

I make: 
- oil things for my hair and face
- bread
- eye-makeup remover
- facial cleanser
- toothpaste (but I use store bought ones mostly)
- makeup
- lists (don't get on one)
- perfume/cologne
- kombucha
- fire cider
- water/coconut water kefir
- apple cider vinegar
 - my husband go crazy with the amount of tomato plants I plant each spring
- dressing
- ginger beer explosions
- occasional inappropriate comments 

I don't eat:
- soy
- high fructose corn syrup
- partially hydrogenated oils (crisco pie crusts included)
- fish
- pork
- feta cheese or goat cheese (it tastes exactly like rotting, dirty, diseased, funk feet)
- lamb (it's just so gross!  I've tried.  I want to like it.  Sad.)
- canola oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil
- food from most restaurants

- CAFO meats
- beet sugar
- paint chips (just checking, you're still paying attention, right?)
- GMO craziness
- food in cans
- food in boxes (unless it's Trader Joe's organic mac and cheese or pasta)
- preservatives
- coffee
- artificial colors or flavors
- food that has an ingredient list that includes something that God didn't make

I don't use:
- vehicles that do not have real keys
- plastic for food
- a microwave
- mercury or aluminum in my blood stream on purpose
- fluoride toothpaste
- voodoo magic (still with me?)

- nail polish with DBP, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor or formaldehyde
- toxic makeup or sunblock/screen (check the to test your makeup/lotions)
- stuff that has sodium benzoate + citric acid in it = benzene = carcinogenic death
- non-stick pots or pans, aluminum pots and pans
- aluminum bakeware
- anti-bacterial soaps (hello, triclosan death)
- non-raw, whole food sourced vitamins
- fake smelly things in my house (candles, plug-ins, etc.  Ick.)

I don't like:
- movies that have explosions or fire on the cover
- when people sag their pants off and I can see their undies
- those helicopters from maple trees that clutter up your yard to oblivion
- clothing that has cartoons on it (if you are greater than 18 months old)
- cold weather
- watching TV
- stratospheric geoengineering
I'm not:
- a democrat or a republican (or a democan or a republicrat)
- much taller than a 7th grader
- going to let you beat me at cards or a board game, and certainly not in a race
- very emotional
- above calling the ice cream truck the "High Fruc Truck"
- easily offended
- of the mind that you should buy cheap and unpleasant underwear 
- in favor of controlling my dramatic facial expressions

I've been/I am:
- 6'4" (inside)
- a teacher
- a health coach
- a sales person
- a published author
- an ENTJ Myers-Briggs personality
- a professional organizer
- 8w7 on the enneagram
- an age group USAT qualifier
- called OCD (I think of it more as a title of awesomeness.  Okay, but for real,  I'm not actually OCD.  Just in case you were wondering.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
- an advocate for women's education in the realm of self-defense (including, but not limited to being a Charlie's Angel with a .45-caliber pistol)
- a lifeguard
- sure that the things that happen to me are for a purpose - namely, to help others who will have to go through the same thing 
- a chicken farmer
- a turkey and duck hunter
- happy 
- a small business owner
- called 90 years old for my lack of technology understanding 
- a lawn mower/washing machine repair woman (out of necessity)

When I grow up even more, I want to be:
able to play Paganini on the violin and Bach on the piano
- an iron man triathlete
- a qualifier for the Boston Marathon
- fluent in various languages
- a pilot 
- an elite level Spartan racer 
I admire:
- farmers
- people who can run or swim REEEEEALLY FAST = faster than me
- Olympians
- people who live what they believe
- people who dump standard quo and figure out what really works
- missionaries 
- people who are willing to sacrifice so others may live
- my favorite professors (Robert L. Fiore, Vincent L. Lombardi, Josep Cervello)
- MENSA geniuses
- astronauts
- people in the armed services
- people who can do a lot of pullups

I haven't had a drop of pop since August of 2003.

I used to think that people who did shocking things (things I'd never even think of doing!) were weaker, or maybe dumber, or maybe wildly lacking in self-control.  I don't think that anymore.  I think that those places are places of sympathy and places where we ought to be empathetic.  If you ever catch yourself thinking that you'd never do that - I might bet the farm that you never got close enough to it to see whether you would or you wouldn't.  We're all made of the same stuff.  Except by the grace of God...

I think people are more important than things, and I am planning on saving the world.

Well, yep.  Now that you can identify with zero of these things and are ready to put me on the weirdo truck, I'm going to go have a cup of tea while slathering on my homemade deodorant.

May you go out better than you came in!  

Ms. Daisy


  1. Hello PInk (?)
    My daughter and I were doing a randomish web search on Pemmican (food) and found your hilarious write-up on the topic. Then discovered the whole shabang (sp?) is hilarious. You have a fondness for unusual consumer products. Please have a look at this product: A husband / wife / daughter / two cats startup that is starting to gain some traction. Please consider. CEO and co-founder here.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Pemmican is strangely amazing, I think. I do have a fondness for most anything interesting. I checked out that link and it seems like a good idea. I couldn't get too far without signing in, but I like the idea. Good luck to you in your venture! I hope it takes off like hot cakes!
      Ms. Daisy