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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hippie Diva at Plato's Closet

I have just discovered for myself...Plato's Closet.  Yes, yes, all of you out there the world over know and have been one MILLION times, but I just went for the first time this week.

If you're wondering what on earth Plato's Closet is, let me summarize it for you this way: someone smart realized that teenagers cannot bear to wear the same clothes more than five times, so they made up a retail store that only accepts higher end clothing, with a surprising amount of clothing with the original tags still on them.  

(You were originally thinking it had something to do with Aristotle, Archimedes and Homer, but alas, no, you were a teense off.  Oh wait, never mind, that is what first sprung to my mind.  Not really.)  But I did wonder where they got the idea of Plato. Maybe because he was so dang smart and so are they?

But I digress.  

But seriously.  I am fairly certain I have been wearing the same jeans (outside of pregnancy) for the last six years.  Maybe longer.  My 22 inches of closet space contain amazing fashions circa 2007.  Now, I don't really care and I make it work anyway, but for $4.00, yes, I will take that glittery tag-still-on-it tank top from some place I would not even dream of shopping since I could get an entire 25 pound bag of wheat berries for the same price, thankyouverymuch.  Priorities, peeps, priorities.  

My hubby asked me, "Are you a diva or a hippie?"  I wondered why I couldn't be both at the same time. Mostly, the frugal hippie side takes over because it is making the most logical sense, but living happily beside Ms. Long Skirt is Ms. Pink Glitter Everything Who Would Dye Her Hair So Platinum Blond With A Pink Stripe In It In Two Seconds If It Weren't For All Of Those Chemicals.  Instead, here I am, hair looking healthy and brain cells intact, but weeping secretly inside everytime I see a fantastic blond color that would look totally amazing on my head.

Why, WHY did I ever read about the poisonous danger that is hair dye?  Blasted!!!  (This right here, my friends, is the ONLY down side I can see to being health educated.  I said it.)

But meanwhile, back to the Batcave of Plato's Closet.  It is a sad thing in one way - it shows the wastefulness of our society and speaks to that issue on a very tangible level.  But yet, it is a totally SCORE thing for me since hello - they have shirts there with glittering sequins.  Which begs the question, "What kind of people are these who don't want glittering shirts?"  Yeah, I know.  Now we have two things to ponder regarding the sad aspects of our society.

Well, I'm going to go think about that while I go score some more glittering deals.

Peace, love and you could probably empty your change purse and get something good,
Ms. Daisy


Monday, April 14, 2014

Randoms, Vol. VI

Hello, lovies!

Have some randoms.

#1:  I found a great grass stain remover that you can make homemade in about two seconds and it works in kind of an amazing way.  My dear little thought it would be a good idea to run around outside and play flag football (which obviously turned into tackle) in khaki dress pants.  OH GOODIE.  I washed the pants (trousers, sorry, you dear English people) in the washer and they looked 0% clean at first.  I went off to the interwebs to find a solution.  

The solution is: 2 blobs of hydrogen peroxide and 2 equal blobs of liquid dish soap.  I swirled it around with my finger (very professionally, I am pretty sure) and then poured it onto the grass stain and scrubbed it with a scrub brush.  Viola!  After 10 minutes, you can barely see any of it at all.  Hooray!  Thank you, interwebs!

#2:  I am quite sure I am the only one with this problem, except for maybe your grandmother - but, today I got notice that my operating system was no longer supported by Microsoft.  What?  How DARE they stop supporting XP?  It's only been like twelve years!  What-EVER.  I asked my computer friend, "Whatever shall I do?" and he replied, "Do not even THINK about putting Windows 7 or 8 onto that dinosaur.  It doesn't even have the minimum requirements."  Oh.  Yeah.  I was totally not

Shiny new Compy 386, here I come.

Seriously?  Also, we
are German.  See how
we capitalize "Locker Rooms".
No punctuation necessary.
#3:  I am always so thankful for this sign when I leave the locker room in the morning.  First of all, I just don't know what I would do without it!  You don't know HOW many times I've arrived at that door, bag all packed up, keys in hand, and just totally and utterly completely naked.  It saves me pretty much daily.  If I didn't have that sign, I suppose I may have just wandered out into the main workout areas in nothing but earrings!

This sign is brought to you by the special people who had the "climate" sign posted.  

Golly, every time I think of it I get warm fuzzies all over.  Just pondering the fact that it is there soars me to glorious new heights about the state of our society.  Wow.  

Such a splendid world!

Peace, love, and maybe I should put one of these signs on my own back door,
Ms. Daisy

Friday, April 4, 2014

Detroit: The Third World Country of Michigan

Detroit has issues.  Serious ones.

You've likely heard the gorgeous city has gone bankrupt.  You've likely heard that the governor of Michigan had to send in an emergency manager to keep it from splitting apart at the seams.

Maybe you've heard they have no money to pay their police officers, firefighters and other such offices and you can call 911 and they will NEVER come.  

Maybe you're familiar with the 65% graduation rate for high schoolers in 2013.  This was actually cheered because it was a five percent increase over last year.  And as far as the general population of hot-spot Detroit, 25% of the population never finished high school.  Only 7% of 8th graders in DPS are proficient at reading according to CNS News, but this is even better than their scores in math.  Proficiency levels in math for 8th graders chills out right around 4%.  47% of the entire city is ILLITERATE.

You probably know Detroit scores a number one, though.  Number one for most violent crimes for cities above 200,000 people in all of America.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Forbes has figured out several factors that create a "misery index" for different cities. Guess what, babies?  DETROIT IS NUMBER ONE IN THAT, TOO!

Thankfully, Detroit has a few saving graces - the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, WRCJ FM, and um...uh...wait.  I know there's more.  Oh well, it will come to me later.

Besides that, the gigantic sprawling city is a near complete trash dump.  You cross the borders of the city and you can literally hear every person locking their car doors and cocking their concealed weapons.  

But hey, check out the real estate market.  Detroit has homes for you if you want them.  If you can buy something off of the dollar menu at McDonalds, you can buy a house.  There are plenty of houses for $1 in D-town.  You may be shocked, but at this price, it's actually a rip-off.

And this is exactly where you can get beaten to (near) death for stopping to help someone.  A 50ish year old man was driving down the street when a 10 or 11 year old boy leapt out (some are saying on purpose) directly in front of him.  After he was hit, the man stopped to help him.  His thanks for helping was to get beaten to almost death by a mob.

 If you want to see some hot footage of the awesome city, you can check this out:

Yes, it is a city, even though most of it is vacant now and people are starting farms since there is so much open land.  They are finding quail and beavers in Detroit.  Pheasant are common.

Why don't people from the suburbs want to go down there and spend money?  Why don't businesses want to open up in Detroit?

Huh.  Kinda hard to figure out.

I'll tell you one thing that is embarassingly obvious - the whole throwing money at the situation hasn't worked.  Selling works out of the DIA to balance out the bankruptcy is even worse.  It seems that someone who maybe ISN'T from the city should get in there and fix things, especially considering the 1) repuation of the city, 2) the education of the city, and 3) the desperate situation the city is in.  But the people of the city in the past haven't wanted "outside" help.  It's time to do something.

To continue on this way is unconsionable and abusive.  I recommend recalling every person in the Detroit City Council (have you ever seen the youtubes of them screaming and yelling each other like they're trying out for Jerry Springer?).  Check out their cool antics on this video:

Do you wonder how they got there?  Maybe they were voted in there by a city of people where half of the population can't read.  

It is time to do something different because I'm pretty sure this doesn't seem to be working.

Peace, love and clean it up,
Ms. Daisy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why don't you want to inject your newborn with mercury again?

Hello there, friends!  What's the haps?  Today I've got an issue that I'm sure - no matter which side of the fence you're on - you have a passionate stance.

It's even bigger than the how long you should nurse debate.  It's bigger than even the should you work or stay at home (as a mom) debate (yeah, that's right, and that's pretty much one that can rip heads off).  Since I said it's bigger than that you likely already know what I'm talking about today - the big "V" (no, not vasectomy) - vaccinations.

Now hold up, homies.  I'm not here to get your blood all boiling over.  You clearly have facebook for such nonsense.  This time I'm not here to sway your thoughts in one way or the other (although anyone who has any brain knows the RIGHT way to go on this...oh, what!  Did I just say that?  No, no, I didn't mean that.  I just meant anyone who has any love for their own child.  You know, as in NOT an insanely brain-damaged poop face ninny?  Wait, CRAP!  It always gets heated.  Back to the issue.).

Seriously, though.  There is one thing we do all agree on.  And that is that a parent has a right to raise his or her child in the way that they choose.  You may not agree with it, you may even think them a complete insanely brain-damaged poop face ninny, but when it comes down to it, we link arms, raise a glass and high five each other for freedom to do what we believe is right for our own offspring.

There was a piece recently in the oh-so unbiased (try not to pee your pants with laughter) New York Times from a physician stating that groupthink is best, betas wear khaki and for the good of all, you need to shut down parent's rights and vaccinate every living and breathing two-legger on the planet.  Now even if you do vaccinate your children, and you agree with her side regarding vaccinating, you likely don't support such Hitler regime/Crusade-like tactics.  (Forcing people into stuff always works out for the forcers, eh?)  

I found a response to that article that I'd love for you to read.  It is written by a mom named Megan who also happens to be an attorney, a naturopath and who also does NOT have a microwave (HIGH FIVE, BABY!!!).  She intelligently expresses her response to the NYT article and walks you down the road of actual factual documentation of why you may just want to perhaps consider what you are shooting up into your child's bloodstream.  

(And hey, if you research those ingredients and the side effects and you totally are on board with doing it, good for you - because at LEAST you are educated.)

Here is a link to her article that you should check out:

If nothing else, you can say that you've heard of two people in the modern world (who are not 100 years old) who don't have a microwave.

Peace, love and I brought you into this world, and I'll...oh, you know the rest,
Ms. Daisy