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Monday, April 14, 2014

Randoms, Vol. VI

Hello, lovies!

Have some randoms.

#1:  I found a great grass stain remover that you can make homemade in about two seconds and it works in kind of an amazing way.  My dear little thought it would be a good idea to run around outside and play flag football (which obviously turned into tackle) in khaki dress pants.  OH GOODIE.  I washed the pants (trousers, sorry, you dear English people) in the washer and they looked 0% clean at first.  I went off to the interwebs to find a solution.  

The solution is: 2 blobs of hydrogen peroxide and 2 equal blobs of liquid dish soap.  I swirled it around with my finger (very professionally, I am pretty sure) and then poured it onto the grass stain and scrubbed it with a scrub brush.  Viola!  After 10 minutes, you can barely see any of it at all.  Hooray!  Thank you, interwebs!

#2:  I am quite sure I am the only one with this problem, except for maybe your grandmother - but, today I got notice that my operating system was no longer supported by Microsoft.  What?  How DARE they stop supporting XP?  It's only been like twelve years!  What-EVER.  I asked my computer friend, "Whatever shall I do?" and he replied, "Do not even THINK about putting Windows 7 or 8 onto that dinosaur.  It doesn't even have the minimum requirements."  Oh.  Yeah.  I was totally not

Shiny new Compy 386, here I come.

Seriously?  Also, we
are German.  See how
we capitalize "Locker Rooms".
No punctuation necessary.
#3:  I am always so thankful for this sign when I leave the locker room in the morning.  First of all, I just don't know what I would do without it!  You don't know HOW many times I've arrived at that door, bag all packed up, keys in hand, and just totally and utterly completely naked.  It saves me pretty much daily.  If I didn't have that sign, I suppose I may have just wandered out into the main workout areas in nothing but earrings!

This sign is brought to you by the special people who had the "climate" sign posted.  

Golly, every time I think of it I get warm fuzzies all over.  Just pondering the fact that it is there soars me to glorious new heights about the state of our society.  Wow.  

Such a splendid world!

Peace, love, and maybe I should put one of these signs on my own back door,
Ms. Daisy

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