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Friday, April 4, 2014

Detroit: The Third World Country of Michigan

Detroit has issues.  Serious ones.

You've likely heard the gorgeous city has gone bankrupt.  You've likely heard that the governor of Michigan had to send in an emergency manager to keep it from splitting apart at the seams.

Maybe you've heard they have no money to pay their police officers, firefighters and other such offices and you can call 911 and they will NEVER come.  

Maybe you're familiar with the 65% graduation rate for high schoolers in 2013.  This was actually cheered because it was a five percent increase over last year.  And as far as the general population of hot-spot Detroit, 25% of the population never finished high school.  Only 7% of 8th graders in DPS are proficient at reading according to CNS News, but this is even better than their scores in math.  Proficiency levels in math for 8th graders chills out right around 4%.  47% of the entire city is ILLITERATE.

You probably know Detroit scores a number one, though.  Number one for most violent crimes for cities above 200,000 people in all of America.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Forbes has figured out several factors that create a "misery index" for different cities. Guess what, babies?  DETROIT IS NUMBER ONE IN THAT, TOO!

Thankfully, Detroit has a few saving graces - the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, WRCJ FM, and um...uh...wait.  I know there's more.  Oh well, it will come to me later.

Besides that, the gigantic sprawling city is a near complete trash dump.  You cross the borders of the city and you can literally hear every person locking their car doors and cocking their concealed weapons.  

But hey, check out the real estate market.  Detroit has homes for you if you want them.  If you can buy something off of the dollar menu at McDonalds, you can buy a house.  There are plenty of houses for $1 in D-town.  You may be shocked, but at this price, it's actually a rip-off.

And this is exactly where you can get beaten to (near) death for stopping to help someone.  A 50ish year old man was driving down the street when a 10 or 11 year old boy leapt out (some are saying on purpose) directly in front of him.  After he was hit, the man stopped to help him.  His thanks for helping was to get beaten to almost death by a mob.

 If you want to see some hot footage of the awesome city, you can check this out:

Yes, it is a city, even though most of it is vacant now and people are starting farms since there is so much open land.  They are finding quail and beavers in Detroit.  Pheasant are common.

Why don't people from the suburbs want to go down there and spend money?  Why don't businesses want to open up in Detroit?

Huh.  Kinda hard to figure out.

I'll tell you one thing that is embarassingly obvious - the whole throwing money at the situation hasn't worked.  Selling works out of the DIA to balance out the bankruptcy is even worse.  It seems that someone who maybe ISN'T from the city should get in there and fix things, especially considering the 1) repuation of the city, 2) the education of the city, and 3) the desperate situation the city is in.  But the people of the city in the past haven't wanted "outside" help.  It's time to do something.

To continue on this way is unconsionable and abusive.  I recommend recalling every person in the Detroit City Council (have you ever seen the youtubes of them screaming and yelling each other like they're trying out for Jerry Springer?).  Check out their cool antics on this video:

Do you wonder how they got there?  Maybe they were voted in there by a city of people where half of the population can't read.  

It is time to do something different because I'm pretty sure this doesn't seem to be working.

Peace, love and clean it up,
Ms. Daisy

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