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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hippie Diva at Plato's Closet

I have just discovered for myself...Plato's Closet.  Yes, yes, all of you out there the world over know and have been one MILLION times, but I just went for the first time this week.

If you're wondering what on earth Plato's Closet is, let me summarize it for you this way: someone smart realized that teenagers cannot bear to wear the same clothes more than five times, so they made up a retail store that only accepts higher end clothing, with a surprising amount of clothing with the original tags still on them.  

(You were originally thinking it had something to do with Aristotle, Archimedes and Homer, but alas, no, you were a teense off.  Oh wait, never mind, that is what first sprung to my mind.  Not really.)  But I did wonder where they got the idea of Plato. Maybe because he was so dang smart and so are they?

But I digress.  

But seriously.  I am fairly certain I have been wearing the same jeans (outside of pregnancy) for the last six years.  Maybe longer.  My 22 inches of closet space contain amazing fashions circa 2007.  Now, I don't really care and I make it work anyway, but for $4.00, yes, I will take that glittery tag-still-on-it tank top from some place I would not even dream of shopping since I could get an entire 25 pound bag of wheat berries for the same price, thankyouverymuch.  Priorities, peeps, priorities.  

My hubby asked me, "Are you a diva or a hippie?"  I wondered why I couldn't be both at the same time. Mostly, the frugal hippie side takes over because it is making the most logical sense, but living happily beside Ms. Long Skirt is Ms. Pink Glitter Everything Who Would Dye Her Hair So Platinum Blond With A Pink Stripe In It In Two Seconds If It Weren't For All Of Those Chemicals.  Instead, here I am, hair looking healthy and brain cells intact, but weeping secretly inside everytime I see a fantastic blond color that would look totally amazing on my head.

Why, WHY did I ever read about the poisonous danger that is hair dye?  Blasted!!!  (This right here, my friends, is the ONLY down side I can see to being health educated.  I said it.)

But meanwhile, back to the Batcave of Plato's Closet.  It is a sad thing in one way - it shows the wastefulness of our society and speaks to that issue on a very tangible level.  But yet, it is a totally SCORE thing for me since hello - they have shirts there with glittering sequins.  Which begs the question, "What kind of people are these who don't want glittering shirts?"  Yeah, I know.  Now we have two things to ponder regarding the sad aspects of our society.

Well, I'm going to go think about that while I go score some more glittering deals.

Peace, love and you could probably empty your change purse and get something good,
Ms. Daisy


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