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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why don't you want to inject your newborn with mercury again?

Hello there, friends!  What's the haps?  Today I've got an issue that I'm sure - no matter which side of the fence you're on - you have a passionate stance.

It's even bigger than the how long you should nurse debate.  It's bigger than even the should you work or stay at home (as a mom) debate (yeah, that's right, and that's pretty much one that can rip heads off).  Since I said it's bigger than that you likely already know what I'm talking about today - the big "V" (no, not vasectomy) - vaccinations.

Now hold up, homies.  I'm not here to get your blood all boiling over.  You clearly have facebook for such nonsense.  This time I'm not here to sway your thoughts in one way or the other (although anyone who has any brain knows the RIGHT way to go on this...oh, what!  Did I just say that?  No, no, I didn't mean that.  I just meant anyone who has any love for their own child.  You know, as in NOT an insanely brain-damaged poop face ninny?  Wait, CRAP!  It always gets heated.  Back to the issue.).

Seriously, though.  There is one thing we do all agree on.  And that is that a parent has a right to raise his or her child in the way that they choose.  You may not agree with it, you may even think them a complete insanely brain-damaged poop face ninny, but when it comes down to it, we link arms, raise a glass and high five each other for freedom to do what we believe is right for our own offspring.

There was a piece recently in the oh-so unbiased (try not to pee your pants with laughter) New York Times from a physician stating that groupthink is best, betas wear khaki and for the good of all, you need to shut down parent's rights and vaccinate every living and breathing two-legger on the planet.  Now even if you do vaccinate your children, and you agree with her side regarding vaccinating, you likely don't support such Hitler regime/Crusade-like tactics.  (Forcing people into stuff always works out for the forcers, eh?)  

I found a response to that article that I'd love for you to read.  It is written by a mom named Megan who also happens to be an attorney, a naturopath and who also does NOT have a microwave (HIGH FIVE, BABY!!!).  She intelligently expresses her response to the NYT article and walks you down the road of actual factual documentation of why you may just want to perhaps consider what you are shooting up into your child's bloodstream.  

(And hey, if you research those ingredients and the side effects and you totally are on board with doing it, good for you - because at LEAST you are educated.)

Here is a link to her article that you should check out:

If nothing else, you can say that you've heard of two people in the modern world (who are not 100 years old) who don't have a microwave.

Peace, love and I brought you into this world, and I'll...oh, you know the rest,
Ms. Daisy

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