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Friday, November 29, 2013

Let's Ruin Thanksgiving: Consumerism Edition

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!  (One day late...)

For some of you who read this blog and don't live in the grand ol' U. S. of A.,  you're probably off having a lovely time and being normal.  (And hello, by the way.  I do like to see all those places ya'll are coming from and I'm always like, "No way!  People in Ukraine are reading this?! (Ahov!)  Oh my wonderments, honey, honey, look!  It says people are reading from Japan! (konnichiwa!)"  So, all this to say that I notice and here is a special hello for you!)

So.  Where were we?  Oh yes.  My freakish country.  I am beyond bewildered at the level of consumerism that is going on at crack-smoking levels around here.  It is re-frickin-diculous.

You may be aware that Chrismas and other holiday shopping is kind of a big deal around here.  One year whilst in Costco (a gigantic box bulk retailer), I walked in to the blasting air conditioning in August, walked around the strawberries packaged at the front, made a turn and viola - what do we have here?  Yes, of course. Christmas trees.  Very logical.  We do need to start gearing up nearly half of a year ahead of time.  Perfectly logical.  False.

I used to joke because about ten years ago, stores would open at like 6:00 a.m. on what is called Black Friday (because all the retailers hope to get in the black for the season and make a fabulous profit) - and then a year or two passed and they started getting earlier.  It was something like 5:00 a.m.  Then 4:30 a.m.  I joked that soon people would be opening up their stores at midnight.

Guess what?  They did.

I rolled my eyes and gagged in disgust.  

But this.  This is the epitome of sickness.  This year, as I was humming happily around my mother-in-law's kitchen and heating up the green bean casserole (which, by the way, I have to tell you - I made the fried onions homemade this year, because you KNOW that all of those mass-produced ones have canola poison oil in them - and they were much so that I almost puked from the excessive quantity I ate while making them...), my mother-in-law said, "They're opening up the stores right now for shopping."  


Are you kidding me?

For some of you, you are wondering why I am surprised - and that is because it is the first I had heard of it since I watch an average of zero minutes of television per month and hadn't caught what was likely twenty zillion commercials announcing this fact previously.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It is the holiday that you do not have to buy presents for anyone,  it is the holiday where you get to cook up some warm, delicious, cozy food and sit around with your family, rejoicing together and pondering on how blessed you are.  It is refreshing to schedule time off and to take time out to make that special meal and to relax with each other and have lovely times.

I thought - how could they ruin this?  There isn't much consumerism able to be attached to it - it is a great time for families to spend time together and for people to work hard at making delicious food for each other.  I mean, I suppose you may see some people trying to take advantage of it by selling bibs with turkeys on them or t-shirts that promote the never ending saga of the Detroit Lions (mostly losing) playing on Thanksgiving day (although they won yesterday - it's a Festivus miracle!).

Apparently all they needed to ruin it was time.  Time to think about how they could creep in on it and desicrate it, time to figure out how to take it away from simplicity and make it into the horrifying monster it now is becoming - Thanks-fer-nuthin'-consumergiving.

Maybe you wouldn't even begin to fathom going shopping on Thanksgiving evening, but guess what?  The people who work retail are robbed of spending that holiday with their families so that the almighty dollar can rule and reign.  Their holiday is interrupted - not because they are on call and may be rung to save someone's life - but to serve the greedy companies whose brainchild it was to get the party starting in the middle of someone else's party.  It's sick.

This is not even touching the whole topic of people who used to sleep in tents and camp for days in front of Best Buy so that they could get the latest and greatest piece of technology on the cheap (borne on the backs of Asian manufacturers who pay their workers non-liveable wages and expose them to inhumane working conditions).  Their toy has long been passed over for the next and the next newest and greatest and the time that they ditched out on being with their family is something they can never get back.
So here we are.  Sold out.  It's a sick world - one that at least deserves some wide-eyed stares and head-slaps from time to time.

I know not everyone will  agree with me, but I had to get it out there.  My mother is one of them.  She can barely sleep for excitement for Black Friday.  She wakes up and is out the door by 6:30 a.m. and doesn't come back until 11:00 p.m.  This also inherently includes her going out to eat THREE meals in one day - and this year, I was told that her first stop was McDonald's for their pretend egg creations and a coffee (of course).  It is as if she is purposely trying to somehow vicariously torture me (since the word "McDonald's" is something like a vulgar curse word around here).  At least she did choose to sit down and eat dinner with her family though - and not "take advantage" of the "killer sales" that were going on around town.

As for me, I'll be happily cooking up turkey broth from the gigantic carcass I acquired from my very bewildered mother-in-law:

Me: Um, are you going to keep the turkey carcass?
M-i-l: What?!  No!  Keep it?
Me: I was just wondering if you were going to make broth or something.
M-i-l: Uh, no.
Me: So do you mind if I have it?
M-i-l: (Expressions occurring that begin somewhere near "my daughter-in-law is an alien" and logically follow with, "which is why I am not surprised that she is asking for this right now...")  No, go right ahead.  ("Go on wit yo bad self, weirdo!")
Me: (happy touchdown dance and thinking this is the Best Day Ever) Thanks!

Family time.  Precious, ain't it!

Peace, love and for everything there's Visa or MasterCard, 
Ms. Daisy (who prefers cash)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weird History: Eva Perón and Nefertiti

Hello, lovelies!

How goeth it?  You may have noticed that I've been away for a bit.  I've been taking a class on Ancient Egypt (and it's not in my native language) and every living extra second I've got, I plop down and read, watch lectures, look up weird words that I've never heard of in any language, and do horribly on impossible tests.  It's great.  You should try it for fun sometime.

Anyway.  I also teach a class and in that class we came across the crazy interesting subject and person of Eva Peron.  Recently I watched the movie called "The Mystery of Eva Peron" (El Misterio de Eva Perón) and I couldn't believe how much she seemed to parallel the life of the ancient wife of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (later named Akhenaten), Nefertiti.

These ladies were off the hook, ya'll.

So, let's go with the older one first.  Fancy pants Nefertiti was this amazingly gorgeous main royal wife of Amenhotep IV.  Amenhotep IV was a rebel pharaoh.  As you know, the ancient Egyptians were polytheists and had piles of gods that they worshiped: several versions of the sun god, scarab beetle gods, fertility gods, gods for harvests, gods of the underworld, etc.  You know the pictures - they've got beetle heads, cow heads on men, dog looking faces on man bodies, etc.  

Well, along comes Amenhotep IV.  His name originally meant "Amun is pleased".  Amun is one of their gods, of course.  In the 5th year of his reign, he changed his name to Akhenaten.  This name means "servant of Aten" (a different god).  Well, this may not have been such a capital offense, but this dude decided that the only god that they should all be worshiping and serving was Aten.  This may not seem like a radical idea to you, but this was seen as a drastic threat to every aspect of life (as in, these other gods are going to be so mad that you're ignoring them, all heck is going to break loose!).  He built an entirely new city for his god, off where nobody was (they refer to it as "virgin ground").  And, since he was the pharaoh, everyone had to obey (since they also believed he was a god).

So this is the intersection of the world at which Nefertiti was dropped in to forge her way.  She was the chief wife of Akhenaten and they were very tight.  She is in so many images with him and some you cannot see anything of her except her leg and feet and hand (she is so closely tied with him that they seem inseparable).  She was his right-hand man (? um...well...woman), they were unified as one.  He even went so far as to have this gigantic wall decoration done and it showed HER doing the worshiping procedures over in their new city.  I don't have to tell you that this did not sit well with other males, for one.  Who does she think she is?  Taking a man's place?  Oh no you didn't!  (pouted lips, eyebrow up, snapping fingers like nobody's business and head waggin' all up and down the Nile, baby!)  Yeah.  They pretty much hated her.

The priests of all of the gods led the way in hating her - they would be instantly out of a job if they got their way and only worshiped one god.  Her influence on her husband was far more than theirs, and with that in place, so was her power.

 The royal couple had six children, all females.  After her husband's death, she reigned (or so it is believed by some) as Neferneferuaten (her name change) for three years.  Okay.  Now they really hate her.  She was a very powerful woman, either way - if you believe she did rule or if she didn't.  She had the ear and the heart of the most powerful man in Egypt, an empire near its height at that time.

When Queen Nefertiti died, the priests of the gods rejoiced.  Then they took the step that they weren't afforded during her lifetime - they erased her and her husband from collective memory.  Tutankhamen was the son of Akhenaten, but by one of his other wives (Kiya).

I read a book (okay, the second half of the book) called The Search for Nefertiti by Dr. Joann Fletcher.  She was on the team who found and identified what is now thought to be the mummified remains of Queen Nefertiti.  When Dr. Fletcher was allowed the opportunity to examine the tomb, they found three bodies mummified within.  After DNA testing, x-rays, and intense detailed study, they felt that they could, without a doubt, identify that one of those bodies was indeed Nefertiti.  This came along with some disturbing evidence that her body had been purposely and violently defaced.

If you're an ancient Egyptian, you'd believe in the afterlife.  You'd believe that you'd need food and lots of things (like a boat, some furniture, etc.) to get you around in the afterlife.  There was a strange physical connection that we would not often think of now (How are you going to use a physical boat?  You're a spirit!  That wasn't the way they thought...especially since those canopic jars are holding your organs and you've got a spread of food waiting to be gobbled up.  And you thought digesting GMO's was difficult - try digesting without your stomach.).  So, do you know what her enemies did to her?  (Yes, this is pretty gross and weird.)  They hacked her up.  He took a sharp metal sword/dagger, uncovered her and stabbed her a few times.  Her mouth was also busted up.  Why would they have done this?

Well, if you believe what they did, you'd be thinking that you'd be making her unable to breathe in the afterlife.  Double dead!  Pretty rough.  Then they erased her and her husband from collective memory.  Their images were defaced and allowed to turn to dust.  The city that had been made disappeared nearly overnight.   It was abandoned and the Egyptians went back to more populated places, like Thebes.  (This strange twist in history did afford us to have nearly a preserved time capsule into the 18th Dynasty - all the dusty, buried remains were left and abandoned - until the Egyptologists got their hands on it around 3000 years later.)

Those 17 years were enough of monotheism for the Egyptians.  They ran back to their previous beliefs and the priests (and presumably, some of the people) rejoiced. Back in power at last.

Fast forward to the other side of the world and 3,000 years later.

It's the early 1900's and we're in Argentina.  Maria Eva Duarte was born into poverty.  Her father and mother were not married to each other - her father had a wife and Eva's mother was one of his mistresses.  She grew up feeling shame for being an illegitimate child and grew in toughness through this difficult life.

When she was nearing her coming of age, she set out and tried her hand at being an actress.  She had the usual story of a starving artist - living anywhere from on the street, to a dingy hotel, all the while never having enough to get by.  One day, she had the right contacts at the right time and became more popular and gained parts that would start paying.

This was the time in her life when she met her husband, a powerful, much older man named Juan Peron, the dictator of Argentina.  She could use his power for her means, and he could use her face for his schemes.  Perfect match.  (How romantic.)  She was a beautiful, bleached blond bombshell actress with a passion for the  poor.  She would stand out and give speeches, imploring the listening people that they must show their love and devotion for Perón and oust any traitor who would vote against him.  She delivered passionate, wild, poignant speeches where she nicknamed the poor "her shirtless ones".  They flocked to her and she doled out her blessings.

Her gifts caused her to grow in the hearts of the people, and this love brought her more power than her husband.  They worshiped her.  The nicknamed her "Evita" (little Eva, dear Eva).  Within the  heavily Catholic country, she became a saint.  The people clamored for her to have her own power - to run alongside of her husband and accept vice-presidency, and although she would have had it, he would not.

The men who surrounded them hated her.  The rich despised her and her humble beginnings, her socialist machinations.  She was a face plastered everywhere, an emblem of a battle cry for women and for the poor.

She was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  She lost immense amounts of weight.  In her last days, she weighed less than 80 pounds.  This small and beautiful frame was falling apart.  She fought to continue to make appearances, standing up in open cars, parading around the country with her husband - staying awake for 20 hours at a time.

Then came the weird stuff.  A doctor from the United States was called upon to give her chemotherapy (this was 1952, 1953).  Through "clumsiness" and "accidents", she was burned all over her skin with the drug.  She grew weaker daily.

At only 33 years old, Evita died.  The country went nuts in mourning.  They decided to embalm her body (at the cost of something like $100,000).  For weeks, people stood in mile long lines to wait to kiss her coffin and mark the sign of the cross in front of their fallen saint.  After this time, it was going to take a full year to embalm her body properly, and to prevent political uprising, they had to hide it.

Perón's military general overthrew him and everyone began ping-ponging for possession of Evita's corpse.  Eventually, it was sent to Italy under a false name in the coffin.  After much craziness (that I won't go into here) and after TWENTY-FOUR years, her body was brought back to Argentina and buried.

When the body was brought back to be properly identified, the man in charge of examinations was quite horrified to see that her body had been mistreated.  She had lacerations and damage to her face among other things that I will let you examine for yourself elsewhere online or otherwise (not super pervy, but just unpleasant and odd).  

Clearly the sickos have resurrected themselves after 3,000 years to take aim at yet another corpse that they couldn't overcome in life.  Frankly, I say they killed her, and though I don't know all the sick means that they would have employed for such a task, my gut knows it and it is troubling.

These two fought against a male-dominated society who hated them with passion, and while I don't support female usurpation, I am blatantly reminded that the struggle for power is steeped so deeply into the hearts of evil men and they will not stop at any means to regain power, erase opposition, and even destroy what most consider untouchable (that is, defamation of corpses among lists of other things).

And at any rate, we can always remember that history will always find you out.  Yes, history is written to suit those in current power, but the truth is beyond futile attempts at covering reality.

Peace, love and history is weirder than fiction sometimes,
Ms. Daisy

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Should you get a dog?

Perhaps you've been wondering, "Should I get a dog?"  Oh, those furry little creatures and their antics.  Maybe you have children and you feel that their life is missing a vital part because you have not provided them with a pet.

Perhaps you've watched one too many commercials for the Humane Society where you see those pathetic little faces and how they've been abused by idiots so you feel so sorry for them, you think you ought to just run right down to your local dog pound and pick up one (or a dozen) of those poor little sad mutts.

Now clearly, odes ought to be written to the generous souls who do such things, for in their sacrifice they embody all that is good and gentle in humanity (which, as we can clearly see in all forms of media, is the basest specks of minimal as the majority represents crudeness, selfishness and is bent on filling their gills with evil).

But, alas!  I warn you, you fair of soul - do not be hasty!

Today I shall present to you empirical and shocking evidence and reason why you should NOT get a dog.  Now, if you are weak in stomach, I advise you to look away as I expose such horrors.  This is not for the faint of heart!

You have been warned.

What I am about to show you is the accumulation of a mere TWELVE hours.  Twelve.  It was all it took to make such a disaster as this.  Go ahead - look.  If you can stand it!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is simply what was on the non-carpeted areas.  I must add that twelve hours prior to this photo of evidence, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing and washing the floors.  There was NOT ONE piece of dog hair to be found anywhere when I was done.  

I have a theory and I believe it has been proven true in my case time after time.  It is this: when an area has been cleaned of dog evidence (whether that is fur in the house or excrement in the yard), there is something deep and even primordial within my animal that spurrs her on to inversely proportional destruction, not only replacing what she perceives was "lost" in that area, but to push it beyond the limits of what was previously there, and declaring that area more loudly than ever that A Pet Lives Here.

What on earth must she be doing through the night to fill the nooks, crannies, cracks and the majority of the floors with this amount of fur?  Does she have a specially designed pet shaver that she employs for such desperate times as these?  How is it that after this, upon the dawn of a new day, she seems to have ever so much fur as before, nay!  To be even furrier!  And yet, the floor is strewn with evidence contrary.

Do you find when you clean up your yard and you tie up the bag, as you sigh a sigh of relief knowing that you can walk safely without doggie land mines, upon that very exhale, your vision darts to the corner of the yard in absolute horror as your dog assumes the position, tail out, hunched down, and unloads an ungodly amount of a pile that you thought was never before in the realms of possibility?  This, dear friends, is my weekly life.  It is the ins and outs of daily life here in Petlandia.

So examine yourself carefully, dear ones.  Search the depths of your soul.  Balance the truth of evidence against the Humane Society's devious heartstring-pulling ways.

At the very least, I must declare - you have been warned!

Peace, love and I'm off to vacuum,
Ms. Daisy

Friday, November 8, 2013

The University of Michigan hospital and their ironic health choices

I know several people who are nurses.  A few of them work at the world-recognized hospital at the University of Michigan.  I was speaking with one of them about some changes that they were adopting recently.

Here is an article from The Detroit News that covers just what changes they are making.

It begins in an almost shockingly amazing tone - they are getting rid of the sale of pop, sugary drinks, energy drinks and the like!  Is this possible?  If you are not familiar with the University of Michigan hospital, it is an absolutely enormous campus.  There are multiple buildings, different parking garages, and nurses who work there have to park at an off-site location and be bused onto campus.  The main hospital covers 128 acres, has almost 21,000 staff, and is 11 stories tall.  On the same campus are Mott (the children's hospital), the Kellogg Eye Institute, Von Voightlander's Women's Hospital, the Taubman center, the Cancer center, the Cardiovascular center, the Med Inn building, the Tausley Center for continuing education, and the Taubman Biomed building.  There are traffic lights on the hospital campus.  You can get lost in one wing of ONE of these buildings, let alone figure out which one is which when you go there.

You can walk miles within the buildings to go from one place to another.  Literally.

Do you get what I'm saying?  Removing sugary drinks from this place is going to cost the sugary drink companies billions of dollars annually.  This place is a beast.

Obviously, if you're going to promote health, you should cut down on horrible things like pop/soda.  Everyone knows it contributes to diabetes, feeds cancer, and leads to metabolic syndrome (not to mention it functions within your body the same way that cocaine does.  No, for real.  See this article for a good time.).  And any health system worth their salt would cut back on sugar because it is so blatantly obvious that it is detrimental to health.

How. Ev. Er.

I kid you not.  Did you read that Detroit News article?  Did you see the list of what they are keeping?  If you didn't, let me point it out to you right here:

"Drinks that will remain on shelves include diet pop, 100 percent fruit juice, white and chocolate milk, milkshakes, smoothies, unflavored soy milk, water, flavored waters, unsweetened tea, coffee and vegetable juice."

They include WHAT?  DIET POP?  Holy $*(@$&#^&!!!  (that's German for cannoli)

Let me get this straight.  You're going to allow diet pop to stay?  

If you were, let's say...a total moron, for example, and you had no idea the difference between your head and your rear end, then perhaps you would not know that diet pop is pretty much the most horrible thing that anyone has ever created on earth and is 100% straight up poison.

But these people are medical specialists (or they're pretending to be?) who know (or ought to know) better.  And they are supporting the notion that diet pop is acceptable simply because it contains less sugar.

Why aren't they putting Drano in the pop machines?  It doesn't have any sugar!  Maybe we can get a pop machine to start selling dog pee and liquid anthrax, too.  I heard they are also very low on sugar.


This is the most farcical and pathetically ironic thing I've ever heard.  It smacks of winking at health while high-fiving the sugary drinks companies and allowing them to still peddle their wares.  Do you think the people will probably choose white milk if they're addicted to Pepsi?  I'm going to guess they'd rather buy a Diet Pepsi than 100% juice and they're going to be worse off in the end.  It's a sure way to get the diet pop segment to skyrocket, but it does not in any way speak of health.

I am horrified at this pretending.  It is backward and blatant that if they are making choices like these, they've got some else's welfare in mind - and it isn't the patient on their 4th floor in the east wing of the Cancer Center.  

That song is dedicated to the decision makers at the U of M.

Peace, love and get real,
Ms. Daisy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Proper Grammar Makes All the Difference

Bad grammar...

vs.  good grammar
You know how I'm all up in your grill all the time about grammar?  Well, my friends, here is another example of how improper grammar kills.

As we can see here, there are two very different searches that pop up when you begin typing one way or another.  

According to this, as you can plainly see, if you don't have good grammar, you may end up with a disease.  However, if you do have good grammar, you may end up being a total rock star who lives up to your true potential, gains wealth and saves the world.

It's up to you: chlamydia or change history?  That's what I thought.  

Peace, love and choose good grammar always,
Ms. Daisy

Monday, November 4, 2013

Aluminum detox

Last week I wrote about the disturbing topic of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and how we are unwilling participants in an ongoing science experiment.  I can't just drop off with this disturbing information without giving you an idea of how to possibly detox the crapola out of your beautiful system. 

So I went on a bit of a researching rampage of how to specifically detox aluminum from your body.  As you've seen, having excessive aluminum in your body can cause severe problems like Alzheimer's disease, is linked to autism and accumulates in tissues and in the brain.  This isn't anything anybody wants to mess with.  On the MSDS sheet, it lists a host of problems.  

Here they are:

"Chronic ingestion of aluminum may cause aluminum related bone disease or aluminum-induced osteomalacia with fracturing osteodystrophy, microcytic anemia, weakness, fatigue, visual and auditory hallucinations, memory loss, speech and language impairment (dysarthria, stuttering, stammering, anomia, hypofluency, aphasia, and, eventually, mutism), epileptic seizures (focal or grand mal), motor disturbances (tremors, myoclonic jerks, ataxia, convulsions, asterixis, motor apraxia, muscle fatigue), dementia (personality changes, altered mood, depression, diminished alertness, lethargy, ‘clouding of the sensorium’, intellectual deterioration, obtundation, coma), and altered EEG.  In simple terms, the most notable symptoms of aluminum poisoning are diminishing intellectual function, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and, in extreme cases, full blown dementia and Alzheimer's. Aluminum toxicity also causes bone softening and bone mass loss, kidney and other soft tissue damage and, in large enough doses, can cause cardiac arrest."

Yeaaaaaah.  I'm thinking we might want to avoid that.  It is in things like deodorant, vaccinations, baking powder, makeup, aluminum cans (pop as well as canned veg and fruit or meats), antacids, aspirin, groundwater, the soil and as a result, pretty much everything.  Time to detox, homeboys (and girls).

I looked specifically to find something to remove it and here's what I've got for you.  Apparently high silica content mineral water is very efficient at grabbing the aluminum and purging it out of your system.  There are a couple companies that sell such things (one I saw is called Volvic).  I haven't tried that water, but if you want to, it's been tested to remove aluminum well.  

It totally looks like a horse's tail!
If you want to go the herbal route, horsetail herbs are good at detoxing aluminum.  As with any herbal medicine  and treatment, you need to know what you're doing and in what amount.  I saw that a common form for horsetail was to have it in a tincture (which can be purchased at your local health food store or online).  You could learn to make your own tinctures if you want to do it a bit more cheaply.  I did read that you ought not to take horsetail for extended periods of time, so keep that in mind.

If you are more into the very bioavailable route through proper food, organic cucumbers are great for removing aluminum.  Tasty and healthy. 

If you are interested in detoxing all heavy metals, there is something else you can try that is called Liquid Zeolite.  I have personal experience with this product and I really like it.  Zeolite is from volcanic sedimentary rocks.  You take it by squirting a brownish and gross looking liquid into your good clean water and then drinking it.  It's kind of weird at first, but as it has no taste, after you've done it a few times, you pretty much feel like you are a boss because it looks so gross yet you are so tough that you are seemingly unaffected.  The crowd looks on in amazement at your impressive tricks. 

Er, well, something like that.  Or that's what I pretend is happening while I take it, anyway.

So don't despair!  You're not destined for ill health!  If your brain is a bit cloudy, perhaps you are a bit overloaded in toxins.  But you don't have to be.  Pick your aluminum detox and feel better!

Peace, love and clean it up!
Ms. Daisy

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pack up, time to live on Mars.

Have you been thinking you just need to get away lately?  Maybe this season is rather tedious or you're really stressed out.  Perhaps you are wishing you could just swish off to Fiji.

Well, perhaps you're looking too close.

Soon we may have to jump ship and go live on Mars.

I wish I were kidding.

What I'm about to tell you is so utterly disturbing that after reading this information, you may never think of your life the same way again.

Have you noticed lately (let's say, in the last five to ten years) that some of the airplanes have trails that just won't go away?  They leave trails in the sky long after they are gone.  Have you ever wondered about that?  Have you thought, "What the heck?  Did they change their rocket fuel or something?"

Short answer: yes.

Why?  What is that up there?

Short answer: particulate matter, mostly aluminum.

Why would they put aluminum into the stratosphere?  Isn't that somewhat problematic being that aluminum is completely TOXIC to humans?  At this point, you have this resisting mechanism going on - why the heck would anyone spray aluminum into the atmosphere, knowing that it can hurt people?  Nobody would do that!  C'mon, Ms. Daisy, you're like so totally overreacting!!

Actually, you're right - you wouldn't do that.  That's because you have a freaking soul.  But you're assuming that all others adhere to the same moral and ethical standards that you do.  And that is where the sadness begins.

Evil sickos sitting in a lab somewhere have decided that the way they're going to solve "climate change" is to reduce sunlight getting to the earth (Note: This is my interpretation.  This may or may not have actually been the actual scenario.   They may have been sitting at a restaurant or in a cave or in a nice hotel.  We aren't really sure yet.).  How can this be done?  By artificially manufacturing clouds by spraying crap out the butts (pun intended) of F-15 airplanes in the stratosphere.  What?

Yeah, really.  It's something that's on the agenda for the CFR (the Council on Foreign Relations) and in the U.S. government's list, too.  Your search for the phrase "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" will bring up more than you ever thought possible on the subject.  They're making earth darker (as in, let's have even MORE cloudy days) and changing the weather on purpose.  They have succeeded at making it 20% darker so far.  You know, having a grand old time pretending they're God.  I wonder if they hang out with Monsatan.  That would sure shock you, huh?


Now, if you can remember ANYTHING from earth science and learning about clouds and all of those spheres up there, you know that clouds are warm little blankets for the earth.  So, according to them, the best way to cool down the earth is to put more blankets on it.  That's what I always do when I'm hot, anyway - go cozy up under fifteen blankets.  It cools me off every time!

What. The. Crap.

I am not speaking here in scientific language (as you can plainly see), but I am about to introduce you to someone who will explain all of the horror to you in plain but scientific English.  He is a photographer by trade (and a researcher now that he had this issue dumped onto his lap) and one day set up his cameras to the sky to do some camera-ish thing and accidentally came across this discovery that these clouds are not normal, are not natural, and were created by the stuff coming out of planes.

He put together a documentary to scientifically explain what is going on, why it is going on, and what we can do about it.  (He also made an app to report the stratospheric spraying and the geoengineering to send it to your political representatives.)  The documentary includes people who specialize in different weather areas as well as footage from the meeting where a panel decided that they thought this was a good idea and they want to implement it.  It also includes photos of the modified aircraft that does such things.

Some people use the negative slang term "chemtrails" for the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (I don't know why, I mean, "Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" just rolls off the tongue like butter...).  If you see that, now you know why.

My concern about this has many facets.

First - aluminum.  Dude.  You don't want aluminum in your body.  You don't want to inhale it (which you will since the size of the particulate matter is so infinitesimal).  Many people are bringing up concerns outside of the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering sources of aluminum and pointing also to other aspects of our lives where we may be subjected to the toxin.  One main example is obviously within vaccinations, use of aluminum cookware, aluminum cans, makeup, baking powder, processed cheese, bleached flour, antiperspirants, over-the-counter medicine, antacids, aspirin, sunscreens, dry skin products, anti-itch products, and more.

This governmental website report includes information on common sources of aluminum, the toxic effects of being subjected to it and various studies that have been done on animals and their results.  Check it out here.  This report shows that the most common problems associated with aluminum exposure is damages to your lungs and nervous system.  Here is a quote from the article:

"Dialysis encephalopathy syndrome (also referred to as dialysis dementia) can result from this accumulation of aluminum in the brain. Dialysis encephalopathy is a degenerative neurological syndrome, characterized by the gradual loss of motor, speech, and cognitive functions. Another neurological effect that has been proposed to be associated with aluminum exposure is Alzheimer’s disease."

They also mention offhandedly that perhaps aluminum may be a carcinogen, but people haven't really bothered to figure that out yet (or so they report).

This article is written by a doctor who lists the negative effects of aluminum exposure, especially in the area of vaccinations.  (He does have a few random capitalizations in there, so if you have a weak stomach for such things, you've been warned.)  Here is a summary of the negative effects aluminum has on the human body according to this article:

Aluminum is involved in the following:
  • Impaired memory, cognition, and psycho-motor control
  • Impaired communication between nerve cells
  • Damages blood, brain barrier allowing toxins to enter the brain
  • Causes formation of free radicals (pro oxidants)
  • Increases brain inflammation
  • Decreases brain glucose metabolism
  • Impairs DNA / RNA function
  • Increases nerve damage
  • Increases plaque, brain formation  (Alzheimer's Disease)
  • Increases autoimmune reactions
Well.  That doesn't seem like the grocery list you want to pick up.

Secondly - this crapola is raining down onto our ground.  It gets in the groundwater, it gets into the soil that you have in your backyard where your organic vegetables are growing and pours all over your animals.  I bet that is pretty good for everything.

Thirdly, what the heck do these people think they're doing screwing with the stratosphere?  There are NO studies for how this may cause issues in the future.  What will the excess clouds do to this world?  WE HAVE NO IDEA!  Can you remove it if we see that everything is dying because of it, the ice caps are melting and aluminum rain has poisoned the entire earth and all of our oceans?  Pretending that you're God always works out well, I'm sure.

Let me get real with you.  I am not really a "Save the Whales" kind of person.  I don't have anything against them being saved, if I may make myself clear.  But I'm not earth granola.  I'm human granola.  But if you have any brain fragment going on inside that head, you know that if you screw up the ecosystem of the world, there's about a 100% chance that you are going to get hit.

And mentioning that, let me go off on a soapbox tangent here for one second: I know a lot of people who say that they are followers of Christ but who utterly neglect what he has created and think it is unimportant.  If that is you, may I encourage you think about truly being a good steward of the resources that he has given you and to prevent them from being utterly destroyed by people who want to pretend that they have a better idea than the one who created it.  It just doesn't make sense.  I'm not suggesting for you to worship the earth, but you've got a job to do, homeboy.  Do it well.  It ain't yours and you better take care of it.

Okay, okay, okay.  Enough of that.

Let's do something.  We can't just sit here and shrug and say, "Oh well.  Whatever.  It's probably fine.  I mean, look at all these people who are exposed to it.  I bet it's not that much.  No big deal."  Think about what you can do if this is disturbing to you.  Would you write to someone in government and urge them to protect you and your family from environmental toxins?  Are you someone who would put on a march in your city to bring attention to the issue?  I don't have the answer as to what you should do, but I do think we ought to do something.

Peace, love, and sunshine,
Ms. Daisy