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Friday, November 8, 2013

The University of Michigan hospital and their ironic health choices

I know several people who are nurses.  A few of them work at the world-recognized hospital at the University of Michigan.  I was speaking with one of them about some changes that they were adopting recently.

Here is an article from The Detroit News that covers just what changes they are making.

It begins in an almost shockingly amazing tone - they are getting rid of the sale of pop, sugary drinks, energy drinks and the like!  Is this possible?  If you are not familiar with the University of Michigan hospital, it is an absolutely enormous campus.  There are multiple buildings, different parking garages, and nurses who work there have to park at an off-site location and be bused onto campus.  The main hospital covers 128 acres, has almost 21,000 staff, and is 11 stories tall.  On the same campus are Mott (the children's hospital), the Kellogg Eye Institute, Von Voightlander's Women's Hospital, the Taubman center, the Cancer center, the Cardiovascular center, the Med Inn building, the Tausley Center for continuing education, and the Taubman Biomed building.  There are traffic lights on the hospital campus.  You can get lost in one wing of ONE of these buildings, let alone figure out which one is which when you go there.

You can walk miles within the buildings to go from one place to another.  Literally.

Do you get what I'm saying?  Removing sugary drinks from this place is going to cost the sugary drink companies billions of dollars annually.  This place is a beast.

Obviously, if you're going to promote health, you should cut down on horrible things like pop/soda.  Everyone knows it contributes to diabetes, feeds cancer, and leads to metabolic syndrome (not to mention it functions within your body the same way that cocaine does.  No, for real.  See this article for a good time.).  And any health system worth their salt would cut back on sugar because it is so blatantly obvious that it is detrimental to health.

How. Ev. Er.

I kid you not.  Did you read that Detroit News article?  Did you see the list of what they are keeping?  If you didn't, let me point it out to you right here:

"Drinks that will remain on shelves include diet pop, 100 percent fruit juice, white and chocolate milk, milkshakes, smoothies, unflavored soy milk, water, flavored waters, unsweetened tea, coffee and vegetable juice."

They include WHAT?  DIET POP?  Holy $*(@$&#^&!!!  (that's German for cannoli)

Let me get this straight.  You're going to allow diet pop to stay?  

If you were, let's say...a total moron, for example, and you had no idea the difference between your head and your rear end, then perhaps you would not know that diet pop is pretty much the most horrible thing that anyone has ever created on earth and is 100% straight up poison.

But these people are medical specialists (or they're pretending to be?) who know (or ought to know) better.  And they are supporting the notion that diet pop is acceptable simply because it contains less sugar.

Why aren't they putting Drano in the pop machines?  It doesn't have any sugar!  Maybe we can get a pop machine to start selling dog pee and liquid anthrax, too.  I heard they are also very low on sugar.


This is the most farcical and pathetically ironic thing I've ever heard.  It smacks of winking at health while high-fiving the sugary drinks companies and allowing them to still peddle their wares.  Do you think the people will probably choose white milk if they're addicted to Pepsi?  I'm going to guess they'd rather buy a Diet Pepsi than 100% juice and they're going to be worse off in the end.  It's a sure way to get the diet pop segment to skyrocket, but it does not in any way speak of health.

I am horrified at this pretending.  It is backward and blatant that if they are making choices like these, they've got some else's welfare in mind - and it isn't the patient on their 4th floor in the east wing of the Cancer Center.  

That song is dedicated to the decision makers at the U of M.

Peace, love and get real,
Ms. Daisy

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