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Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't Talk to Strangers

Yesterday I asked myself the question, “Is this really my life right now?”

And so begins every story: What you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

It was a dark and stormy night…

No. Wrong story. I got into prefab story mode for a second with all that schpiel at the beginning.

Okay, the real story is as follows. My friend who moved away (they all do, it seems) had a baby girl. Her name is Anna*. I have been thinking about her a lot as she had a c-section and has a pile of boys running around her at home. Recovering from a major abdominal surgery is a good reason to put your whole life on pause, except for when you can’t since you have a pile of boys running around you. So I was thinking of her quite often, praying for a full and quick recovery.

I sent her a text that said something along those lines – “Congrats on your baby girl! I am thinking of you and praying you recover well soon! Hugs!”

I got a text back – “This isn’t Anna*, but if you let me know who this is, I can get her the message.”

Uh…oops. So I look at my contacts and yes, it is under her name, and yes, she has moved, but I knew she had the same number. I figured out that I had saved her cell under the house icon and I must have texted her husband (who I must have assigned the cell phone icon).

So I replied, “Oh, hopefully this is Jacob* and not some random person. Sorry about that! Congrats to you, too! This is Daisy.”

Response – “This isn’t Jacob*, but randomly I have a daughter who is named Anna* who also happens to be pregnant.”

Whaa? Oh no. Weirdsauce fail.

I reply, “Ha ha! Oops. Sorry. Congrats anyway!”

Person responds with a text that says, “[Sent by voice: thanks text anytime anyway] to listen, go to*”

At first, I think to myself – I am so not going to listen to that because it’s probably a weirdo. Why would any stranger send their voice back unless they were extra weird? Or is it because they’re driving? Um, I dunno.

Curiosity got the better of me and an hour or two later, I check the link.

It’s totally a weird old man.

Hello, my life. Hello, blocked numbers list.

I love my life.

Until next time – peace, love and here’s to NOT talking to strangers,
Ms. Daisy

* totally not the real name

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