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Thursday, October 25, 2012

You Can Do EEEET!

Do you know?  Do you have ANY idea of how capable you are?

I am not telling you this in some pretend "achieve your dreams" cheddar cheesy way.  

I am here, today, right in front of your monitor/screen/whatsit telling YOU - you can be more self-sufficient.  If I could produce my smiling face through your device, reach my two arms through the screen and grab you by your shoulders and shake you (lightly, I am not here to abuse you), I would say, "You can do EEET!" (Well, I would say it in a weird accent, first of all, because it's more humorous, second of all because if I am so weird that I'm acting akin to PeeWee's Play House genie head all up in a box, well, I guess that talking weirdly would just be expected.  Thirdly, BECAUSE YOU CAN.)

And that's really the main point.

You can make your own things.

There's no rocket science thing going on here.

Or at least in my kitchen.  I guess if you want to do rocket science in yours, go ahead.  You can!  Because golly gee whiz, you're smart enough.

(If I seem a little distracted, sorry, it's because the soundtrack in the background while I write this is my husband singing along to every single 70s/80's song he's ever known in a falsetto voice.  And yes, he knows EVERY word.  Goodie.)

Okay, think about it.  What about bread?  Check this recipe out!  If you haven't made your own delicious homemade bread, go there, try it.  It's so easy, you just might be tempted to strut around in awesomeness.

There are so many things you can do on your own that you probably never thought of!    What about making your own laundry detergent?  Automatic dishwasher detergent?  Blankets?  Soap?  Curtains?  Pasta?  Ice cream?  Perfume/cologne?  Mustard?  Granola? Eye makeup remover?  Carpet stain remover?  Kombucha?  Lotion bars?  Crackers?  Skirts?  Marshmallows?  Face powder made of eggshells.?

What do you want to learn how to make?  There are so many resources out there that you can go to to get some good info.
One of them is one of my absolute flavorites - Crunchy Betty.  She is the bomb, baby.  You can look up how to make your own booty butters (yes, for real, in coffee bean flavor), lip stuffs, glass cleaners, eye makeup remover, and about twelveteen hundred other things. 

One of the easiest concoctions I learned from Ms. Betty* is the aforementioned eye makeup remover.  Have you ever read the ingredients of an eye makeup remover potion?  It's like twelve ingredients and the all start with poison and petrol.  Please slather more of that directly into my eyeball, thank you.  Great idea.  Why don't we just go out to the gas station and wipe that on our eyes when we need a good cleaner?  Right.  Exactly.  Because that's insane.  Let me implore you to take a look at your ingredients and ask yourself if you may have a bottle of insanity in your precious hands. 

Crunchy Betty has a two ingredient magic potion (TWO!  Much better than twelveteen.  Or whatever yours might have.) for eye makeup removal.  And guess what?  They're totally normal things.  And it costs like 41 cents to make it.  No, for real.  Actually, probably less.

Ready?  This is your first assignment, should you choose to accept it.  (Homeboys, I think you could make this for your wifies and surprise them with your creativity, thoughtfulness and kindness.  Or buy flowers.  But this is way cheaper.)  Are you sure?  Okay, this is gonna be really hard.  Go get the following ingredients:

- olive oil
- witch hazel

Wow.  That was a long list.

Now for the difficult part.  Mix them in equal proportions in a whatever type of bottle you want to.  I usually do put an eetsy bit more of the witch hazel because I tend to zitify more than dry out.  Close the top.  Shake.  Squirt on a cotton ball/round/rectangle/panda-bear-shape, etc. and use to wipe off your eye makeup.  Then, with a triumphant voice, shout, "I CAN DO EEEEET!!!!!"

Holy cannoli, you did it.  You really did.  And it was so hard.  And you just saved yourself like a year of your life with the anti-petrol and $6.99 in your wallet. 

So super easy - you could even make it as a little gift for the holidays coming up!  You could label it as Petrol-Free Eye Makeup Remover.  Everyone would wonder at you in amazement. 

So, that's one thing you can do on your own.  What are some things you have dreamed of making but have never quite done yet?  Any good "recipes" for homemade stuffs out there that you've found?

I'd love to hear 'em!

Have a blessed day, m'dearies!

Peace, love and please for the love of all that is good and decent stop putting gasoline in your eyeballs,
Ms. Daisy

*Totally not her real name, her name is actually Leslie.

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