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Monday, January 20, 2014

Gallbladder: Take 3

If you aren't aware, hubby has gallbladder issues.  He experienced his first serious gallbladder attack where a stone got stuck in a tube and he turned yellow in August.  We've been on the exploration for a solution ever since.

We went to see many different people - one was Dr. Stupidpants, a surgeon, who couldn't even open up an ultrasound file to look at the films and whose suggestion was, "I cut you here, here, here and here."  Oh, wow.  That is soooo helpful.  Thank you for your wise and astute intelligent remarks.  Great jorb, Hamstray.

We went to the naturopath.  She prescribed some Betafood (by Standard Process) and Phosfood (that stuff - if you have gallbladder issues, GET IT.  Like, run.  Now.  Don't be without it.  I am pretty sure it saved him three times at least.  You can take it as soon as you are having an attack.  But, wash your mouth out after you swig it down with water - or whatever you took it in - because the phosphorus is on the other side of calcium in your body and you don't want to ruin your teeth.), and some other things.  One of which pretty much was torture to him - he had to eat vegan, gluten free and fat-free for a week or two to press reset on his gallbladder.  This meant he got to eat extreme amounts of quinoa and veggies.  If you ever feel the need to lose about thirty pounds, apparently this is a quick way to do so. (By the way, he didn't need to lose 30 pounds, which is quite a disturbing thing to dear hubby.)

We explored integrative medicine and nutrition.  We did chiropractic.  I youtubed accupressure for him and gave him detox baths with pink Himalayan salts.  I researched essential oils that may help.  I fed him more quinoa.

More recently he's decided he's had quite enough.  It's been six months of gallbladdering and he is full of it.  He went to talk to a different surgeon this week to see what they would say.  (What do you think a surgeon would say to you?  They say to cut it out.  Um, duh.)

And today was the last strand of hope before no return.  He went to a very strange, quirky, arrogant, genius, experienced naturopath/physician.  He threw his arms in the air and exclaimed, "This is easy!"  


We're going to try one more thing.  It is the cleanse.  Oh, you know about it.  If you've done any gallbladder reading, you've heard about the apple juice, olive oil, lemon juice (sometimes Epsom salt) thing.  People swear by this and say it will make you feel like a new person.

I'll report later and let you know how it goes.  Until then, if you want to be fascinated, youtube something like "gallbladder flush" and you will stare in horror and amazement.

I'll keep you posted!

Peace, love and healthy gallbladders please,
Ms. Daisy

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