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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grammar/lexicon at the gym

I went to the gym to swim this morning.  The gym I go to has those fantastic Jedi automatic doors that slide open when you approach them.  It has two sets of them - one from the outside to the vestibule, and the next set leads you into the entrance area of the gym to check in.  

For the last few weeks, on especially cold days (when the temps are below zero Farenheit...and very below zero Celsius), they allow the external sliding doors to open and then shut off the interior sliding doors so as not to blast in frigid air repeatedly.  In this case, you are to use the manual door on the side.

Today was one of those days.  I am supposing that perhaps people were asking the reason for closing off those doors because today I found a sign on the doors explaining themselves.

The sign read: "Due to the cold climate, please use the side door."

This is both amusing and disturbing.  Did I have to mention it to the front desk?  Of course I did.

Me: "Hi!  Has any picky person mention anything about the sign yet?"
Gym desk girl: "Um, no?  Uh, what does the sign say?"
Me: "It says due to the cold climate the doors are closed.  And of course, climate is permanent and if this were true, the doors would always have to be closed.  Temperature is the fluctuation of daily highs and lows, which would be more appropriate in this case."
Gym desk girl: "Um...oh.  Yeah.  Okay."  (Confused look.)
Me: "I apologize - the English classes haunt me and I can't leave it alone..."

Or is it that people are so propaganda-fied that they don't even know the word "temperature" and the only thing that can easily pop into their minds is the word "climate"?  Distressing, indeed.

Either way, the Resolutionists have nearly ceased attending.  They didn't even make it all the way through January, perhaps because of the climate temperatures.

Peace, love and brain freeze,
Ms. Daisy  

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