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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Selfish-ies? Narcissistic-ies?

Ya'll know I don't have facebook.  I haven't had it for quite some time.  I have been emancipated from the social media tornado for more than a year and half.  Up to that point, I was an avid facebooker, checking the who's and what's daily (or more than once daily).  If you have dropped facebook, you can vaguely remember the chasm that the minutes of your life swan-dove suicidally into.  You may be thankful to be out safe on the other side.

I am.  I realized what a lot of time I spent in a pretend reality, making bold comments and getting my blood boiling from what I took as complete bafoonery and lunacy.  Why did I participate in such nonsense?  

When facebook got it's fabulous (not) "timeline", I bailed.  I really didn't need my life out on chronological order for all the world's weirdos to see.  I did miss (for a while) "seeing" people I won't bump into in real life (but now I can just ask my friends if I'm desperate to know what happened to so-and-so from high school), but the time that I got and the break from being addicted was worth sacrificing the downsides.

Recently, my MOTHER (of all people - I say "of all people" because she couldn't upload a photo to a computer to save the lives of all of her grandchildren combined among other "impossible" computer tasks) told me that so-and-so took "selfies" of herself on a near daily basis, to which (OF COURSE) I replied, "What is a 'selfie'?"  This was a red letter day for mother.  She knew something on the computer and I did not.

For those of you who don't know, apparently a "selfie" is a picture you post of yourself onto your facebook.  You purposely take a picture of yourself and do it often.  I am not exactly sure how this is so different from all of the pictures people usually put on facebook of themselves, but maybe it is more frequent and a way to make it so you are not totally considered an awkward goofball freak who smiles at themselves in their iphone on an hourly basis.

Or, according to SaRAWRR on Urban Dictionary, a selfie is:  "A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website. You can usually see the person's arm holding out the camera in which case you can clearly tell that this person does not have any friends to take pictures of them so they resort to Myspace to find internet friends and post pictures of themselves, taken by themselves. A selfie is usually accompanied by a kissy face or the individual looking in a direction that is not towards the camera."

Wow.  So cool.  How could you not want to participate in such coolness?

Oh.  Here's another definition that you can read for the day.  It lists the symptoms (according to wikipedia) of narcissism: "Some people diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by unwarranted feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy...Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, and an over-inflated sense of self-importance that is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders."

Yes.  That sounds lovely.  Also according to wikipedia, narcissism has doubled in the last ten years.  Surely apps like the "selfie" don't encourage that whatsoever.

This reminds me of the idea that people go out to do something exciting with half of their purpose being that they will upload photos of themselves doing it to facebook.  It seems that this motivation is backward (at the least) and wiggidy wacked narcissistic (on the other end).
You are familiar with the story of Narcissus, right?  He fell in love with the face in a water reflection and died because he found he could not have the object of his desire.  You can quite  imagine the people kissing their monitors now, can't you?  (Reminds me a little of that movie that is just coming out where that mustached-man falls in love with the Siri girl in his iphone...)

There is quite a difference between keeping a clean and pleasant appearance and the undying love and worship of your own image.  One is attractive, and while the other tries at beauty, it is repulsive and ugly.

Don't be repulsive.

Deep thoughts.


Peace, love and is it better to pretend you don't know that you're taking a picture of yourself as evidenced by you not looking at the camera even though your arm is clearly in the shot?
Ms. Daisy

I think not.  I think it looks like split-personality insane, but that's just my opinion.

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