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Friday, January 17, 2014

Return of the Resolutionists

As you may know, I like to go to the gym to swim.  I swim probably about three times a week throughout the year.  In the winter, I add volleyball, and in most of the other seasons, I add running throughout the week.

This week, we were bombarded.

The resolutionists have returned.  (Note: they didn't arrive at the start of the new year as it was too cold apparently to exercise - this is a sign that they just might not have the compunction to keep it going for longer than 4-6 weeks, by the way.  I mean if you aren't going to get out there when it is -13 F, are you really that dedicated?  No, I didn't think so.)
I'm pretty sure I saw these
guys this week.  Ooh, the
intense hotness...

Apparently, in these United States, it is good hilarious fun to make New Year's resolutions. I'd say the top of the list is to get fit and healthy - especially after all of that holiday eating and well...overeating.  You can find all of the magazine racks filled with articles on "How to Lose that Gut" and "Firm and Tone Your Butt" and "Low Fat Wonder Recipes" and the like.  It is the mantra of January - press reset, lose the holiday pounds.

Now, this is generally a very good thing.  The whole world benefits from a healthy population, right?  Less money spent on problems overall (well, I suppose maybe some physicians would be more bored with all of these healthy people running around, but I think it would be okay).

However.  Resolutionists only last so long.  It is as if it is only a new hobby or fad to exercise and somewhere near the sugar-laden holiday of Valentine's Day, they drop like flies.  When exercise becomes a quick fix and something to do in January, nothing changes.  For a life change, you need to persevere and be dedicated to permanent changes.  Unfortunately, the resolutionists are something akin to holiday gym decorations.  Very soon, you get your locker back, your shower back, your place at the mirror back, your plug for your hairdryer back and you won't see them for the next ten and a half months.

But until the midpoint of February, I'll play musical showers and keep tossing out weird garbage from my locker (two unmatched wet and stinky ankle socks?  Really?).


Peace, love and keep calm and swim on,
Ms. Daisy

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