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Monday, January 13, 2014

Ranger Rick and his hate speech propaganda

I am a lover of the library - it is a wealth of fabulous information that you get to delve into to your heart's delight.  I have passed this on to my littles and as a result, they are frequent frequenters of the resource as well.

One of the littles checked out an issue of Ranger Rick (a kid's magazine about animals...or that's what it is supposed to be, anyway) and was reading away.

Hubby came in to the kitchen guffawing at the irony of the article title from something on his phone that said something along the lines of, "Climate Change Expedition Stuck in Antarctic Ice and Bitter Irony".  Wow.  Read this article for full ironic effects. 

And if you want to laugh even harder, check out this article about climate change voodoo.

Then, the little with the magazine bursts out laughing and hands us a blurb in Ranger Rick that says something along the lines of, "sheep belch often.  Sheep's belches have a very naughty nasty horrible evil chemical known as methane.  There are many sheep in Australia.  This means there is a lot of methane in the air from these nincompoop sheep.  Evil methane causes climate change = sheep are evil."  See full page here.

I may have paraphrased.

Here is the close-up.  

How. Ev. Er.

This, right here, m'dears, is a prime example of hate speech against sheep.  I will not stand for this.  Sheep can't help it!  They were born this way!  They were born to burp methane!  What's next?  Persecution of cow's behinds?  (Oh, actually, yes.)  I am sick and tired of all of these people saying sheep burp methane because they learned it from their environment.  No.  That is sick.  You haters need to accept that they were born like this.  God made them this way.  And if you can't handle it, then take your fringe thoughts and go live in a backwards community on Antarctica where it will be soon a prime vacation spot and 80 degrees F every day!  You have to be accepting of the sheep.  What about love?  Are you going to hate them because they're different?  That's what haters do, they gotta hate.  

Keep your propaganda out of Ranger Rick and plop it back onto the nightly news where we're used to being entertained to uproarious laughter.

Peace, love and grab some popcorn and watch as the world goes mad,
Ms. Daisy

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