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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fun Questions: Answers!

'Ello, lovelies!  If you haven't looked over the fun questions, have a go at it first here.

(Don't cheat.  Write your answers neatly.  Use pen.  Name upper right corner, please.)

Finished?  Good.

Here are the answers to see if you're a genius.

1.  Billy's mom's other child is...Billy.  Yeah.

2.  A butcher's clerk weighs...meat.

3.  Mt. Everest.  They just hadn't figured it out yet.

4.  There isn't any dirt in a hole.  That's why it is called a hole.

5.  Incorrectly is always spelled "incorrectly".  Unless you're a spelling failure.

6.  Madeline must live in the southern hemisphere!

7.  It's not just in British Columbia - heck no, I don't know anywhere where you could take a picture with a wooden leg.  I much prefer using a camera.  Wooden legs aren't much for keeping good photo memories.  Although you may use it as a "memory stick"?  Har de har har!

8.  Neither, good people.  Yolks are yellow.

9.  If he stacks it all up into one giant pile, I'd say it would be one giant haystack.

10.  You'd be in 2nd place now.  Speed up, would you!  You do want to win, right?

That's it for today.  I hope you've been entertained and stretched your mind.

Peace, love and I dare you to walk around town taking pictures with a wooden leg,
Ms. Daisy

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