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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1 gallbladder + 2 gallstones = surgery? Part 2

This is Part 2.  If you missed Part 1, please go here.

So after I nearly exploded from the irreprehensible behavior and carelessness of the surgeon, Dr. Stupidpants, I took a deep breath and got ready for the other end of the spectrum - a naturopath.

Have you ever seen a naturopath?  Rather, have you ever gone to a naturopath for health matters?  If you said no, well, I think you ought to try it.

Here's the thing.  You know how doctors now actually have no idea what is the original cause of your problem and they just want to give you prescription drugs to mask your symptoms?  Yeah, naturopaths don't do that.  They try to find out the source of what's wrong in your body and actually FIX it.  So weird, right?  I know.  It's like the hard work of being a detective and finding out what is wrong with individual people has gone by the wayside (isn't that a great phrase?  "The wayside".  Wow.  I bet there are whole piles of things on that wayside by all the talk I hear with that phrase!) and in its place we see roulette wheels of multicolored prescription pills.

When the prescriptions screw you up, you can get another prescription to fix the symptoms that were caused from trying to mask the original symptoms.  Wow.  It makes so much sense, doesn't it?


Anyway, back to the naturopath.  Some naturopaths do weird things, unconventional things...and these weird things strangely work.

For example.  Okay, you know how everything in the whole earth has some charge on it (positive, negative or neutral considered a charge?  Anyway, you know what I mean.).  And our bodies are made up of chemical and electrical charges and flows - well, some people swear they can kind of tell what's going on somehow (I don't understand this science, so its all fuzzy from here).  (Not by boiling toads or doing weird witchy things.)  

ANYWAY.  I'll have to read more on that and report back to you some other time.  

My hubby had this constant smell of garlic in his nose.  (I thought he must have had some weird sinus infection or something.)  The naturopath said he was looking for phosphorus.  He took a liquid phosphorus (food) supplement for about 4 days and then one night the weird garlic smell went away.  The next morning he was going to take his supplement and he almost barfed.  His body got what it needed and told him in body language it was done with taking that.  He went in and asked her about it, she said the same thing.

In regards to the gallbladder, right now my poor hubster is eating a diet that he considers some kind of horrid sick torture.  It is a celiac vegan non-fat diet.  Basically, the poor guy can eat fruits, veggies...and quinoa.  My hubby is a foodie.  Steak, bacon, coffee, and cooking on the Big Green Egg are PASSIONS for him.  Now the poor guy has water and quinoa for breakfast.  It's a hard knock life.  But he's resting his gallbladder and his liver and getting stuff back into balance.

It's a heck of a lot better than the Dr. Stupidpants and his passion of slicing and dicing live humans in their gut regions option.

Keep your organs, peeps!

Peace, love and feel free to send any non-fat, vegan, celiac recipes right this way,
Ms. Daisy

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