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Friday, August 9, 2013

GMO passion: O'Leary makes golden calf of Monsanto, girl gets bullied for not joining him

Holy smokes.  Have you heard of Rachel Parent?  She is a 14 year-old activist who took on O'Leary (a CBC TV host) regarding GMOs.  She has founded her own organization to fight to get GMO products labeled, does speeches and is passionate about young people having a voice about where their future is going (not to mention the future of the earth itself).

She is intelligent and well-spoken.  She is bullied and O'Leary tries to shove her into a corner and trick her but she slides out from under his Monsanto-loving finger pointing looking thoughtful and poised.  He, however, looks like he needs to pick on someone his own size.  It's really sick.  

She has a website

I don't know what else O'Leary stands for (besides being in mad love with GMOs), but this interview makes him look like a cross between a bully, a buffoon and a dufis.

A 14 year-old is changing the world.  Check it out.

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