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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The weirdest thing EVER

So are you ready for weird?  I do not know why this happens, BUT.  Apparently it is rather common.


What's 4+3?

(Please tell me you said seven.)

Okay, now please name a random tool.

Okay.  This may be less random than you think.  Apparently it's like 99% that most people in the world will say (or think) the word "hammer".  Did you?  If you didn't, you're probably a sociopath and you should go get psychotherapy or something OR you just HATE to conform and you guessed in your head that people would say hammer so you said size 7 allen wrench or something random just to show 'em.  

Show who?  Oh.  Yeah.  Them.

Good idea.

Yes, this is short and it contains pretty much zero percent information that you can use, but at least you have something to do today as you walk around and randomly test it out on friends, family and if you're that type, strangers.

Is it because a 7 looks kind of like a hammer?  Like if I would have said, what's 0+1 and name a tool, would you have said flat head screwdriver?  One cannot really tell.

And this reminds me of the other thing you do (yes, admittedly when you're about 8):
What color are clouds?
What color are your teeth? (Please say you have white teeth?)
What color is a piece of plain printer paper?
What does a cow drink?

And people say milk.  But they don't.  Unless they're itsy bitsy teeny calves, they drink water.  (I suppose this would not work on a farmer very well.)

Is it possible that summer vacation is rotting out my brain?

Peace, love and happy birthday to about 10 of my friends today,
Ms. Daisy

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