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Friday, August 23, 2013

GMO alert: Chobani

I know some of you here in the States may eat Chobani yogurt.  It is advertised as "natural" and healthy.  This is a bit disturbing after what I've just read.

If you do consume this product (and eat it up in bulk from Costco), you should know that the milk they use, although it is non r-BST, comes from cows who eat GMO corn.  (Why they would pursue the one and skip the other is beyond me, but hey.)

If you'd like to have your yogurt and eat it too, I suggest you call Chobani and tell them that you would love it without the GMO, or just skip them and choose another yogurt.  (You do know that if it's certified organic, they can't knowingly have any GMO crapola in it, if you want to be safe.)

Not to stir anything up (ha!), but I thought you should know.

Peace, love and let's go for non-tumor forming yogurt yummies,
Ms. Daisy

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