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Monday, August 19, 2013

The wild wide world

Howdy, partners!  As I sit here and soak my foot to remove glass shards, I'd like to talk to you about expanding your world.  (No, these are not really related.)

Wherever you are on this blue-green earth, it seems like it is a rather human thing of us to do to feel that where we are is pretty much how it is (or how it ought to be) everywhere else.  Now if you ask anyone the question, "Hey, do you think life is the same all around the world?", I think they'd say no.  But if you tweak the question a little bit and say, "Hey, do you think the way you live and who you are is fairly average?"  Most people would say yes.

These cannot both be true.  Alas, cognative dissonance.

We all are human, yes.  (Well, except for those cyborgs.)  We all basically want the same things, sorta.  But everywhere around this globe there are so many fascinating, different things that we may never pay attention to.

This makes our mindset quite small.  This is especially true for the U.S. of A. where all of our news is broadcast to us in a format that pretty much only informs us of anywhere else that has an impact on us.  What's wrong with that?  It makes your world small and your perspective quite filled with robust amounts of self-importance.  That's not such a lovely quality, is it?

Oh, bah, what to do, what to do!

This may seem a bit silly to you, but unless you're quite filthy stinkin' rich and can travel everywhere all over the globe at the drop of a hat, perhaps you could consider reading about other places.  I know, it sounds quite elementary.  But it teaches you that you are not the only one to think x, y, and z.  It teaches you that your scenery can be vastly different from what someone else would take for granted on their point on the globe.  If you'd like to expand even further, take a few steps out of our time (something that all of us share right now, right here) and see what was going on before you got here.

May I encourage you also to help your offspring to do it, too?  Just a thought.

Peace, love and oooh, baby, baby it's a wild world,
Ms. Daisy

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