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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sugar Detox (and other such drug addictions)

Have you ever heard Mark Hyman speak?  Besides being a genius, he is hilarious, and he's on the board of the EWG (my hero!), and a functional medicine MD.  He's right up there with my other favorites: Joel Salatin (farmer, author, activist for real farming, and hilarious person), Mike Adams ("The Health Ranger", scientist, activist, author, businessman, rancher, and hilarious person), Michael Moss (author of Salt, Sugar, Fat), Michael Pollan (author, activist, chef, also very amusing, has a bald head and a genuine smile), and Dr. David Brownstein (author, holistic MD, and the guru of the world in thyroid health, literally.).  
Mark Hyman, MD
I love the way that those guys write, research, and save the world with passion.   

After I heard Mark Hyman (he's an MD) speak on why we are fat, I decided to pick up his recently most famous book, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet.  Hyman's motto is, "Save the world and have fun."  I am not sure why he had to steal mine, but it's okay.  We can be twinsies.

His book is very interesting (so far - I think I'm on chapter 2).  He references a study done in 2009 by Dr. Serge H. Ahmen (Is Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine?, published in the journal Food and Addiction) showing that sugar is more addictive than crack - in fact, sugar is eight times more addictive than IV cocaine.  Actually, and even more surprising, it is more addictive than heroin (and that is more addictive than cocaine).  

Here is his take on it:

"Despite wanting to change or stop, those with food addiction cannot resist - even in the face of significant emotional or physical harm to themselves and those they love.  They hide their addiction, they worry and obsess about cutting down, all against a backdrop of shame, embarrassment, and denial.  They eat a whole sheet cake in the middle of the night in the dark.  They say, 'It's like someone takes over my body and I can't stop eating.  I want to be locked up.  I can't keep living this way.'...When our brains are bombarded with sugar, a potent pleasure inducer, we become addicted to that pleasure.  Willpower and conscious choice are no match for these powerful, ancient drives for survival."

He says that you can eat sugar, but you have to treat it like any other recreational drug.  He's serious.  He's right.  You can have a glass of ice wine, but you probably shouldn't walk around all day with the bottle in your hand to make it through (mmm, iiiice wiiiine).  

You want to listen to him.  This link will take you to a totally worth it 22 minute sample where he talks about sugar and fat and what he eats for breakfast. The embedded video below it is something different.   Mark Hyman, the awesome rockstar

And this little 5 minute embedded video is his awesomeness on fat and how it doesn't make you fat.  It makes you cringe, right?  (Cathy?)  Get that full fat yogurt going on!

To get out of your addiction, you have to press reset.  You have to abstain from your drug and go for what brings health.  You have to let your brain and body heal.  You have to let your nucleus accumbens chill out.  (The nucleus accumbens "is known to be ground zero for conventional addictions such as gambling and drug abuse.  This is the pleasure center of the brain, which, when activated, makes us feel good and dries us to seek out more of that feeling.")

So take a deep breath.  You might need to take a few.  Hundred.  But move toward health.

Peace, love, and get healthy,
Ms. Daisy

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