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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Personality

There's about 29 jillion personality type tests out there, and maybe you know you're green (for the color one), a lion (for the animal one), or a turnip (for the vegetable one).  Just kidding.  There is no turnip.  

That I know of.

The best one I've seen thus far is the Myers-Briggs test.  It has sixteen options instead of the usual four.  You can really delve into your awesomeness that way.

Wait, what?  You don't know what you are?  Oh gosh.  Go, quick.  Take this test.  If you start taking it and you say, "This is too long!", you're an ENFP.  Don't even finish.  You're in sales and the tedium of it is beyond your capacity. 

Once you've done that, go find yourself on this fun website.   It tells you all about yourself in all the gory details.  It tells you what you bring to the table in friendship, romantic relationships, within your career, and famous people of your personality type.  It tells of your strengths and "weaknesses".  (If you're an ENTJ, you don't have "weaknesses", you have strengths that other wimpier people cannot handle so they call them weaknesses.  We know better.  About everything, actually.  Just ask us.)

Then, dive in and look at what would make you die.  It is what makes your skin crawl, your mind explode, and your heart be crushed to bits (if you have one).  That can be found here.  My sister is the nicest, most helpful, sensitive, organized peacemaker this world has ever seen.  It's almost crushing when someone is mad at her.  She seeks to help people in their problems, and feels this weight of their sadness on her shoulders.  That website pinned her hell precisely - someone you love is in need of your practical help but you can't help them.  Worse - they think you're doing it to be petty.  Triple worse - they're mad at you.  (I, on the other hand, think this is a bummer, but something to expect out of life.)
The dictators get the big bucks.  Pass me a hot towel and a glass of ice wine.

And then, when you want to laugh, go find out what your position will be in the post-apocalyptic world.  It's here.  Someone spent a heck of a long time on it, and it is longer than even an ENTJ can tolerate (ain't got time f'dat), but if you read the first bit, you'll still be very entertained. 

Now, go forth and know thyself.

Peace, love, and does everyone think their personality type is the best or is it just me?
Ms. Daisy


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