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Monday, February 25, 2013

Randoms - Part III

Today is one of those days where I have a lot of randomness swirling around in my head - here comes the shrapnel.

1.  Doesn't life seem so much better when the sun is out?  Whether it is or it isn't actually doesn't weigh in as heavily when you've got sunshine.  It gets an automatic bump up like 10 points on the happy scale.  And I can truly appreciate it living in a city that spends 90% of their days a year being cloudy or partly cloudy.  It's a wonder of wonders.

2.  Have you ever discovered something that - once it was discovered - you thought that your former uneducated self may have truly been frolicking up and down on the idiot bus?  I'm sure you haven't.  But I have an example for you from my very life from this very day, just to show you what it might be like.  So today...well, I "discovered" how to make Cream of Wheat on my own.  Yep.  I coarsely ground wheat in my mill and cooked it like Cream of Wheat.  Now, yes, I must say - I've only had my mill for a few days, but what was I thinking before of what Cream of Wheat was?  It's WHEAT.  Ground up.  Not as soft as flour.  Mind = blown.  See what I mean?  Please get off the bus, now, Ms. Daisy.

3.  Why does crochet seem like such a winter sport?  You could benefit from it all year long, but no, it gets all of its cozy glory in the cold months.  Poor thing.  It's like hockey, minus the playoffs.  And other parts of the season that extend past

4.  Have you noticed that all of your friends have babies in groups?  Maybe it's just me, but seriously, there was a period of time where I had no friends having babies and then 3 all within a month (or less) of each other.  These are not random acquaintances - I'm talking about real friends.  Must be that "things come in threes" thing.

5.  Remember my post about prunes?  Oh man.  I love and hate those things.  I seriously wanted to die when I ate more than 4 of them at a time.  Really.  Like every piece of my body was revolting, turning inside out and stabbing me.  My FEET were even hurting and I was thinking I remember labor being easier than what I was going through (maybe it was too distant to remember correctly, not sure).  Oh prunes, you are the dear and beloved enemy of my  life!

6.  Don't ever get a dog.  Were you thinking of it?  If so, you may have mine.  She is so smart, loyal and loving.  And diseased in the bowels.  And sheds her volume per diem.  And requires special $50 food and porcine pancreatic enzymes.  Life = hilarious.

Before anything else has a chance to blob out from my brain to the keyboard to your eyeballs and into your brain, I'm going to sign off.  

Peace, love and let them eat Cream of Wheat!
Ms. Daisy

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  1. Here's something I have discovered. I cannot live without Ms. Daisy's blog! Anybody else feel that same way?!
    I LOVE YOU MS. DAISY! You are the funniest, silliest, smartest, craziest, bestest, fabulousest, wonderfulest...

    Why oh why is English so complicated? Is it like the complicatediest language out there? Maybe.

    Peace, love ... oh no I have to think for myself somehow and come up with a way to say good bye buy by on my own. But how oh how do I think for myself?! I just can't live without Pink's Thinks!