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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Collapsing Laughter with Plethoras of Tears

The Internet Portal To Sheer and Utter Hysterics

May I introduce you to the Hutzler 571B...

Are you a fan of Monty Python?  Does ridiculous comedy make you fall to the ground, crying, laughing, choking and gasping for breath?  Have you ever not been able to stand up or speak for the intense stomach pain you're experiencing as a result of laughing so hard?  

Perhaps you need a pick-me-up today.  If so, may I recommend this link.  If you are at work, you might want to go to the bathroom and read there (just to be safe since tears will be pouring down your face) - and use the bathroom while you're in there (those of you not in reach of a bathroom better make sure you're wearing your Depends today).

I submit to you today, for your consideration, an Amazon review of a plastic yellow banana slicer.  There are (as of this post) something like 3,100 of them.  3,099 of them are pure, straight up, crazy, nutso hilarity.  I recommend reading from "most helpful".

If you are not the sort to enjoy watching Monty-Pythonesque humor, you may not find it quite as funny (like my hubby - he so lacks for my utterly goofball sense of humor), and if that is the case, I implore you to just change yourself and become just like me.  Oh wait, crud, not supposed to actually come out and say that.

I tried to instruct my offspring while I was reading this and they couldn't tell exactly what was wrong with me - my brother (whom I had to call upon reading a page of reviews) upon answering the phone thought something horrible had happened because of my voice and my hubby, when I told him, thought that someone had died from my voice distortion.  So, warning on that one.

But it is SO worth it.

Get to it!

Peace, love and laughter,
Ms. Daisy

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