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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No More Cavities (a.k.a. dental carries)

On Monday I posted that I had to go off to the dentist (oh the horrors! Michaela, I'm such a wimp.) and I simply MUST tell you what happened there.

You are going to be a bit floored and a little bewildered, perhaps, but I have to tell you something that I didn't even know could happen.  Like, f'realies.

Okay, okay, first - background.  I have a small one who was found to have a cavity six months ago at the last check up.  I was supposed to schedule an appointment and they wanted to drill up the tiny mouth (it's the usual thing to do) and also do some sealants on all of the offspring.  I knew that I had a rather disturbing experience (or rather, experiences - plural) as a child and I didn't want the littlin' having a dread and fear along the lines of denta-phobia.  I begged a moment to do some research and permit me to do a little experiment, that, if it didn't prove to be successful, I would happily succumb to their remedy of drillizations.

Since the dentist is a relative of my husband, and he is (thankfully) not averse to alternative thought in medicine and food, he was fine with my little experimentation.  (The office ladies and the hygienists were perhaps a bit more eye-rolly at my inability to just shut up and do what everyone else does without question, but since we're related to the dentist, they are relagated to sighing in exasperation.)

I went home and went bonkers researching wildly.  I was aware of Weston A. Price so I thought I'd start with that.  If you're not quite familiar, Weston A. Price was a dentist back in the day.  His love and research was directed toward people groups who had never been exposed to western foods in the form of refined flours, sugars, treats and the like.  He found , not surprisingly, that there was about 0% of those people who had ever had a cavity.  He also suggests that dental caries can actually be completely "cured" (if that is the right word for it) if the body has the right nutrients in it.  Bones can be fixed (and of course, teeth, too).

Standard Process is a company that works with the ideals of the Weston A. Price foundation, using whole foods in supplement form that can fix just about anything you've got going on.

Here is the supplement that helps fix dental carries - it's called Biodent.   


The littlin's walked out of their examination with the hygienist following them.  She proclaims, "No cavities!"  

Me: " you mean the cavity is gone that was there?"

Her: "Yep.  We had it written down and then we couldn't find anything.  The teeth are all healthy and fine."


If you ever have a cavity, please - check that stuff out.  I mean, you can't just take a supplement and eat Cocoa Puffs and Coke and hope for the best - I don't think that's gonna work.  You've got to cut sugar and I'd recommend getting some real milk, I think that would help you too.

We have been free of fluoride now for about 4 years and since then none of us have had a cavity (besides that little scare there).  If you aren't aware, fluoride is toxic and is not beneficial to you in any way, shape or form.  It was first put into our water system as an overflow from manufacturing since they didn't have anywhere else to put it.  Then they convinced the ADA that it was a benefit and spread the myth that way.  Clever, I agree.  Beneficial, not so much.  

Check out these links if you'd like to read about the dangerous side-effects:

Here's how it especially adversely affects children (killing thyroid function, the endocrine system, kills your IQ, increases chances for bone cancer and damages your kidneys): 

Anyway, I just say that to encourage you to skip the Kool-Aid and make your own toothpaste.  Here's Crunchy Betty's recipe.

Yet again, another thing to add to the list of Things I Can Do By Myself.

Great jorb.

Peace, love and sparkling healthy chompers,
Ms. Daisy


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  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you have enjoyed it. Get the word out on Bio-Dent!

    Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

    Ms. Daisy

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