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Monday, February 18, 2013

A.D.D. exercise

How often (and in what ways) do you get to exercise?

If you just thought, "Yuck, exercise!", I might have an idea that might help you like it a bit more.  

I really don't need to go over the benefits of exercising - everyone knows that you ought to physically strengthen your body often, but the motivation to do so can sometimes be lacking.  I think if we were all farmers, we wouldn't ever have to be so pathetic to drag ourselves to a gym, we'd get what our body needed within the productive lifestyle of doing hard outdoor work, but since that is (sadly) not the case, we've got to make up for it like little hamsters on a spinning wheel instead.

I do often lament this, but perhaps one day my dream will come true and I'll get to be a farmer.  Until then, I  have to be somewhat artificial in my exercise via going to the gym/playing sports, etc.

My dear, wonderful friend has just had a baby (actually I have like 3 friends who all just had babies in about the last ten minutes) and she works her booty off on her elliptical six days a week (and she looks amazing - not kidding.  Supermodel.).  I cannot and could not do that.  When the guy who writes our swim workouts scripts that we even have to do a set of 8 of something, I fall into despair thinking of how long it's going to take (unless perhaps it's 8 25's, but I digress).  Now mix that puppy up 4 now, 4 later with variance in between, I'm all good.  I am a bit (and by "a bit", I mean COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY) way too A.D.D. to do the same thing six days in a row.  I do have my daily habits that I would never change (like eating eggs for breakfast, but as for exercise, I have to vary it.

And let me tell ya - if you can mix it up enough, you can trick yourself that you're having a great time because it's something new all the time!

Let me give you an example of how I trick myself into fun.  I swim 3 days a week and each workout is totally different from the last.  I know one day of the week we will work sprints, another day will work endurance and the third day will be something else.  Now I can't just swim only - so I run a couple of times a week.  Once with other people and once flying solo.  I vary my distances and speeds so I don't get in a rut on that and take different paths all the time to show myself some different scenery.  The last little piece of exercise I incorporate is more like a hilarious and rambunctious time of pure and utter joy than something  you'd label as exercise - I get to play volleyball once a week.  (Volleyball is AWESOME.)

I take it as it comes, a day at a time and it's really not that big of a deal.  If you look at it as working out 6 times a week, you may feel overwhelmed and discouraged - I just look at is as what kind of fun thing I get to do that day and how it's going to be something new to try.

So my vote is for you to just mix it up, make it something new all the time and somehow, it doesn't feel like work  and it doesn't feel like something you're making yourself do - it feels like something you "get" to do.

Try it, let me know how it works out for you!

Peace, love and bump, set, spike,
Ms. Daisy


  1. It's also much better for your body to mix it up, that way you work out different muscles and increase your metabolism as well. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do even if it gets boring. I agree with Nike and say Just Do It!! ;)

  2. You kind of sound like some kind of supermodel. ;)