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Monday, February 4, 2013

Halftime, Halftime, Hoochie Mamas

Perhaps you got a chance to see some of the Superbowl yesterday.  Did you see the halftime show with Beyonce?

I must say that I only caught glimpses of the game (because I was busy starting up a crocheting circle in the back of the room with a pile of ladies - who, I might add, hadn't learned before - except one - and by the end of the evening were gleefully addicted and whipping out lovely mini-scarfy objects), but I did partially watch the halftime show...unfortunately.

"Unfortunately" -  because it seemed to me I was watching a leather-clad, mostly naked pole dancer (without the pole) who had an extreme penchant for flashing lights and apparently using up so much electricity that she shut down the stadium for an hour or so.  Most people were starting out the halftime show wondering if she would be lip-synching, I was wondering halfway through it whether or not she would have people flicking dollar bills at her (in the shape of triangle footballs - you know the game, right?).

I was watching with my brothers-in-law, one who is 25 years-old.  He commented that he was all for women's rights and even thinks they aren't treated quite equally in the workplace, but if they are so against being objectified, why do they do things like this (gesturing to the stripper  singer on TV)?  

Indeed it is peculiar.  I postulated that perhaps it is because instead of actual "equality"  and other such keywords that float along with the general women's movement, these women actually just find the old-fashioned base and banal power sufficient to them and prefer to be relegated to objectification within society.  Would they actually admit to that?  Probably not, but I wouldn't put it out of range.

I heard a lady in the locker room this morning remarking about her performance and she quipped, "If you've got it, flaunt it, I guess.  And she's got it!"  

Tis a sad sentiment, I think.  I think it takes a bit more to NOT flaunt it if you've "got it" and you might want to not flaunt "it" out to the whole wide world (in this case, I suppose QUITE LITERALLY).  

It is no wonder that as the United States tries to export itself in every form to the whole world that certain areas resist takeover (especially in such a rather vile manner).  I'm not suggesting perpetual skirt-wearing or busting out in your burquini, but c'mon, man, that was some serious hoochie mama-ing going on.

And f'real, you know that 99% of those drunken, slobbery, balding dudes are just straight up NASTY - why would you want them drooling on you?  That's called serious self-image issues right there.

Take your pick - live like a princess above reproach or like an objectified magazine cut out.  At least (for crying out loud) while you're in front of 99 bazillion viewers.

Peace, love and just like there's no "I in team", their ain't no "hoodrat" in "hottie",
Ms. Daisy
(but there is "me" in team...)

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