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Friday, January 11, 2013

Watch the windows, lovies.

Okay, okay, I admit it. I watch TV on Thursday nights. Oh, the horror, right? It’s a vice, I know. I could give it up anytime (says the addict?)! But I so like to laugh and there’s a bit of comedy on that night.


Since I was watching a network station, they fill their in-betweenie minutes with loads of commercials. I do not have fancy DVRing going on, so I am succumbed to patiently wait through them until the show comes back on. I saw some of those commercials (because really, who can sit still during a commercial, it’s the perfect time to go make toast, obviously) on and off and I must say, DUDE. WHAT THE HECK.

If you’ve heard the wild news lately, everyone is fighting about gun rights and whether or not the second amendment to the United States constitution should be eradicated or modified. Many people are very passionate about this – and I believe it is right that they ought to be. Let’s face it – bad guys are always going to get their hands on guns and other weapons. You might as well have a fighting chance.

Wherever it may be that you stand on that issue, that is not my point for today. (I apparently just wanted to get your blood pumping and freak you out for a minute, I guess. Did it work? Are you all high-blood-pressure-y now? Sorry.)

My issue has to do with these insane commercials for movies and other adverts. Try this – if you ever are up for an experiment, say what you see as commercials roll along. Last night, it would have been something like this:

Gangster, gun, punching, lipstick girl, kicking, shooting, more shooting, more gangsters, shooting people, explosions, shooting, driving off of a cliff, shooting people, gangsters, alcohol, shooting at people, punching, shooting, making out, shooting.

That’s just one commercial for a movie.

The next one and the next one are pretty much the same, in different order and you could swap out gangster for undercover police officer, army dude, bank robber, whatever the other minor theme of the movie is, since apparently the major themes of movies are “shoot people”.

I am not really a person who favors the banning of anything (even though I think our society would benefit from an absence of these movies). I think legalizing things actually reduces crime (blood pressure rising yet? Wow, it worked again!). Don’t freak out. It’s just my opinion. You can have yours, too, I’m just making a point, which is this: shouldn’t we be at least a little (if not more) concerned about what we’re putting into the HEADS of people as much as what we’re putting into the HANDS of people?

Rocket. stinkin’. science, baby.

Seriously. Watch a commercial (if you dare). Vocalize what images they are showing. It’s wiggidy wacked, f’realies. (These are interspersed with drug commercials whose side effects include suicidal tendencies, depression, mood alteration, etc. GREAT PLAN, ya’ll.)

It’s just something to think about, if you’re feeling up for it.

If not, you probably just need to take a pill or something.

Er, wait.


Peace, love and protect the windows of your soul, m’dears,

Ms. Daisy


  1. Hi Daisy! I am officially one of your followers now. ;) Or should I say, officially one of your "Independent (Pink... optional?) Thinkers" now!

    Anyway, I couldn't agree more with the HEADS and HANDS argument, because the HEAD is pretty much THE gateway to our HEART. Whoa, another "H word." No matter what one's personal faith or religious beliefs are, we can all agree that, on the most basic level, the heart of a person can be reached an persuaded only by its intake through the head - eyes, ears, and dwelling thoughts. You can physically force things (like guns to be taken away from the public, for instance), but you cannot force a person to think and act out of their heart's desires but through persuasion of the head. I can't make a "bad guy" good by taking away his gun. I can just change his method of being bad.

    I will be honest, though - what do pure commercials even look like?! It's been so long since I've seen one.

  2. Hey Em! True dat, homegirl. Yes, pure commercials look like uh...Mister Roger's neighborhood rerun ads? At least he isn't half dressed (well, except for the shoes) and blowing people away. You are a wise woman, EmB! (p.s. We miss you and congrats!)