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Monday, January 28, 2013

Supa-sonic "Baby's Butt" Face

As I type this, my face is covered with a concoction of Finnish yogurt and nutmeg.  If you don't know me, you may likely think this very strange.  If you do know me, well...yep, you're just wondering whether or not this is a daily happening or one I save for special occasions.

Well, special.  I guess.

When I was a teenager, I think I got a total of three zits in something like seven years.  Now that high school is a teenage lifespan away, I have decided to make up for it and get a new and friendly zit each and every month.

This is very disturbing.  I mean, really!  When I was a teenager I actually ate quasi-foods like McDonalds.  Here I am, something like six years clean of such things, getting a dear, sweet visitor to my what-used-to-be-a-clean-canvas face.  Well.  Isn't that lovely?

Hold on, I'm going to scrub it off and see if it did anything good.  Be right back.

Back.  It felt like a long time, didn't it?  Let me just say to you - GO.  Go to your fridge NOW.  Go get some milk or yogurt (plain, please, no strawberry Dannon going on) and stick a teaspoon-ish into a tiny bowl and sprinkle it with nutmeg.  RUN.  NOT KIDDING.

You know how people say "soft as a baby's bottom"?  This is my face right now.  I am a butt face.  

In a good way.

This is for real amazing.  Are you seriously still reading?  Go!  I'll wait, I promise!  You waited for me, remember?

Okay.  So I did circular-y motions of dairy product smelling of nutmeg upon my face and then sat here quite awkwardly until it was dry and I could feel it pulling my face off in a crackly way.  You'll know.  Trust me.

When everything was all dry and I looked like I had a face sprinkled of nutmeggy goodness, I rinsed it with hot water and viola, here I am, new face.

I'm pretty sure I've looked at my face up close about five times since I've rinsed it all off to check if it was really my skin.

Are you wondering if I just sat around thinking up weird things to do?  Well, I mean, YES, that is something I have done in the past, totally, BUT - this one I had help in the form of some Crunchy Betty inspiration.  She has a post where she uses milk and nutmeg and says it's her favorite way to remove blackheads.  The milk (or yogurt like I used) has some lactic acid in it that does crazy good things to your skin and the nutmeg is a supersonic (not literally, just in an 80's dance music way) scrubber exfoliator.

Supa-sonic, sonic, sonic...

Six times.  Ooh, lookie me face.  It's probably some supermodeliquin's secret or something.  

Like f'real.  Have you done this before?  What do you exfoliate with?  

If you try this, let me know how you like it.

Love, rather.  Let me know how you love it.  I am pretty sure, unless you are highly allergic to one of these ingredients, you are going to be rather smitten.

And now, back to staring at a mirror.

Peace, love and three cheers for supersonic nutmeg yogurt,
Ms Daisy

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  1. Hey everyone - just a head's up - DO NOT do this more than once in a week. I got all obsess-y on it and did it twice in 3 days and let me just say it was NOT pretty. It was more like a scraped off face in a rashy-complexion wonder. I had to rub olive oil on my face every night for like 3 nights after that to try to come back to normalcy. I am happily returning to normal, but I didn't want you to pull a Daisy on this one and go overboard.

    Space out your exfoliation! (I know, I know, it's kind of basic...but I got a little carried away...)