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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Highway to the danger zone

At noon today (EST), the President of the United States is to make an announcement regarding four points of gun control while usurping the balance of the Congress, denying the second amendment of the Constitution and acting in an autocratic, emperor-like fashion.  Even if you are uncomfortable with firearms, you should feel a bit (um, like one million gallons) more uncomfortable with an elected official who feels they have the right to overpower the Constitution, rape over the wills of those in Congress and the general public of whom he is supposed to serve.

It was a wise choice that the founding fathers made in devising a document to govern us instead of an individual.  As they came from an authoritarian monarch, they saw the danger and the unbalanced power that he held and provided a way for their future to be secure in a tri-fold balance.

All throughout history we’ve seen countless numbers of men (mostly) come to power, hungry for more – more power, more land, more control.  As they have tried to reach out for it, the sips of what they could reach only made them thirst for an unquenchable desire – total control and absolute power.  At the heart we know that people are evil – seeking their own good before the good of others, preferring themselves over service to another.

Up until this time in the short history of the United States, we’ve seen Presidents who have (mostly – at least until recently) respected our true governing authority – the Constitution. 

The right to keep and bear arms is not to support people in their duck hunting endeavors.  The right to keep and bear arms is not even to support people in the preservation of their very lives against street thugs (although it works for that, also) and other such criminally-minded social deviants.  The right to keep and bear arms is exactly to support the people of the United States against a tyrannical government – a government who bulldozes their will, dictates autocratically, mandates without restraint and waves magic wands (or apparently a magic marker) over the Constitution.

All citizens should be spending less time arguing about whether or not they believe people should own assault rifles and look to the infinitely more alarming and blatant situation that we face at this precipice: a ruler who is approaching (in his mind and in his actions) complete autocracy.

Even if you voted for the current President, you should be alarmed at these drastic measures – not because they line up (or don’t) with you politically or in theory – but because of what this means for our future.

Please hear me.

Stop arguing about who didn’t sweep the kitchen floor – look up and see the ticking time bomb that is attached to your fridge.

I know that there must be a thought in the minds of the powers that be that the American people are so drugged up, stupid and uneducated that everything will slide through easily – and if it does, those things will be never ever more obvious.

I beg you to wake up and see what is at stake.  Don’t argue with me about the cards on the table.  If you don’t have a raised brow at the card dealer, you are missing it.

It’s time to prove you’re out there.  The threat to the independence of your progeny stands at your front door and knocks.

Gravely yours,
Ms. Daisy


  1. I'm sorry but the way the NRA is acting, I have to say that the President is on to something. It's time for a change and our history of gun violence in the US is second to none!|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

  2. Are you suggesting that the way a non-governmental entity acts should be a defining influence on the President to spit on the face of the Constitution? I just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing.