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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love Letter to the Politicians...not.

Dear elected officials in Congress and in the office of the Presidency, 

I write to you today to address a very pressing issue in our United States: the return to the payroll tax hike. As the vast majority of Americans opened their first paycheck of the new year, some eyes bulged out in utter bewilderment, accompanied by anger and confusion.  Yes, there are some who were aware you allowed it to resurrect itself as you stepped aside and let it walk back in, but most were rather surprised.  

 You've been rather busy arguing with the other side of the aisle, so perhaps it was put on the back burner and escaped your astute attention, but I would like to plainly point out to you that this was a disasterous idea - for you as well as for the country. 

The majority of Americans are so involved with their own lives and their iphones that they don't really care what you're doing and just take it from Brian Williams that what you're doing must be just fine.  You can get away with a lot of things that way, I'm sure, but you can not get away with hiding the removal of a large sum of money from their weekly or biweekly paychecks without their notice. 

This is where you may have bet wrongly - you figured that people will perhaps be upset for a little while and then get used to it - they always do.  It's like complaining when Facebook changes formats.  

However, you chose the wrong route for this one. 

Everyone knows that Social Security is a laughingstock joke and it isn't going to be there for the people who are paying into it now.  A return to tax hike isn't going to fix it.  It is just going to allow most people to not be able to afford their groceries.  People have lived so close to the limit of income that they've scraped down everything already to try to make it work as it is.  You are so far removed from those you have been elected to serve that you cannot even begin to understand this, unless you actually do know what you're doing in it and maliciously don't care. This was the one decision you let slide by that may end up costing you your (apparently quite posh) job.   

As long as you continue this, I won't be voting for you and I will be loudly encouraging others to do the same.  When they look for answers as to why they have to decide between paying their heating bills and feeding their children, I'll step up and let them know that you allowed this to go back into effect and you're the one to go talk to about it. 

Stop playing games.  Stop increasing taxes.  Let those who work for their money be able to keep it and do what they need to do. 

Those who have elected you to serve would appreciate it.

Ms. Daisy

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