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Friday, November 16, 2012

Success in Secession?

Last week I had a blog about politics and religion.  You know, the light fodder for chats over some homemade chips and salsa.

In it, I parenthetically said something like "may I suggest secession, kind sirs" or something of that nature.

DUDE.  People are really seceding from the United States!  Or, okay, no, they're signing petitions to do so.  Those petitions, once they reach 25,000, are "owed" a response from the federal government.  I am kind of thinking the federal government might say no...but uh, yeah.


The worst of it all is that when some people are being interviewed or talking into their phones on their dashboards while driving (who does that?!) that they can't pronounce the word "secession".  They're calling it succession.  These seem the type to have trouble between saying "Pacific" and "specific" or call spaghetti, "p'sketti".  But I digress... 

Texas is super mad and so is the traditional south.  Raise your hand if you are surprised.  Nobody?  Kay.  

I am glad for our rights to be able to say, "I quit!", but I wonder how this is going to pan out.  I visited one of the sites to see what it said.  On it, if you wanted to sign, you  had to sign up for a government account.  Like they think they're hotmail or something.  I bet they won't probably compile a list of all the people who signed the petitions and put them on the first page of the list for who gets to go to Siberia.

Probs not.  I bet.  I bet it's just 'cuz everyone is making people sign up to do stuff.  Yeah, they never sell our information or track down our I.P. or anything like that.  Good thing.  I mean especially the government.  I totally trust THEM.  

Now if you went to the library or something to use their computers and said your name was Daffy Duck...but then I guess they might not count that one.

Sorry, out of ideas.

But it is an interesting one, don't you think?  I watched a quick video of this guy who was promoting it.  He said that everyone would get a heck of a lot more done in their own country if the other half weren't there.  This is likely true.  There would be some massive shifting around, though.

At any rate, if Texas makes it (again) and becomes a country, I know about one billion zillion people who would move there.

Just think of how cute you'd look in those cool cowboy boots and hats!  

(Maybe you shouldn't base such things on fashion, but it would be a bonus - not to mention the sauna [sow-na, get it right] type heat, glory hallelujah!)

In the meantime, I remain (forever freezing),
Ms. Daisy

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