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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Your Free In-Home Lie Detector

I am sure that this never happens to you, but in my house, I have some littles who sometimes lie to protect their hides and they can look at you and promise up one side and down the other that they are telling the truth.  This would be great except for they are telling the complete opposite story.

What to do?  Yes, I mean after talking to them about the abomination of lying (when they still hold up that they are telling the truth).  Wouldn't it be great if you had this little lie detector you could just hook them up to and find out what was going on?

You do.

This is so weird.

I mean WEIRD.

But after you try this experiment, you will freak out. 

The Lie Experiment
What you need:
1.  another person who is not a hardened criminal 
2.  arms

(It has been reported that hardened criminals have some messed up brain link and this doesn't work on them.  If it doesn't work on you, you're a real sicko.  Go sign up for an honesty class.)

Okey dokey.  So, here's what you do.  
Person 1: put your arms straight out in front of you
Person 2: put your hands lightly on top of their hands.  Ask them, "What is your name?"
Person 1: as you answer, press upwards toward them as hard as you can
Person 2: press downward, trying to make their arm sink down

Usually, it will be very difficult to push the person's arm down (unless you are Hulk Hogan and shoving down the arms of a 99 year-old great grandma.).

Now repeat the experiment, this time person 1 answers in a total lie and makes up a different name (ex: "My name is Mickey Mouse.").  For some totally weird reason, when person 2 presses down after person 1 lies, it will be about a jillion times easier to do.  I don't know why.  You lose muscle strength when you're lying apparently?

Weirdsauce.  Now try it with questions you WANT to know, like "Did you punch your brother in the stomach?"

Useful, really useful.

Peace, love and honesty is the best policy,
Ms. Daisy

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  1. What? Awesome. I need to try this on some liars ASAP.