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Friday, May 31, 2013

Biotics Research Corporation: on the bad list

You may remember a post a bit ago about my hubby being radiated (from a doctor-prescribed x-ray) and then had his blood taken and then was "diagnosed" with low thyroid function (What causes low thyroid function?  Radiation.  Thanks, doc.  Awesome.  I develop more and more faith every day in the medical community.).

So one of the main things that people have when they have issues with low thyroid function is levels that are too low in proper iodine and selenium.  The food-based selenium was a no-brainer, but I didn't want to mess with iodine levels (so I let my naturopath do that instead).  She prescribed a product from Biotics Research Corporation called "Liquid Iodine Forte".  Hubby started taking it, I didn't really look at it at the time he got it, but about two weeks later, I did look at it and did my usual reading of the ingredients.

What I found was EXTREMELY disturbing.

So I called the company.  

I was transferred to a customer service representative.

Me: Hi, I have a question about one of your products.  I have Liquid Iodine Forte here and the last two ingredients, which I'm supposing are being used as preservatives, are citric acid and sodium benzoate.  When these two are combined, they cause a chemical reaction changing the sodium benzoate to benzene, which is a known carcinogen.

Helpful Customer Service Rep: I still don't hear a question.

Me: (Wow.  Okay.)  Since this product was purchased through a naturopath, I am supposing that you promote your product as something that is good for you and helpful.  So, a question.  Do you think having a known carcinogen in one of your products is a good idea?  How do you justify that?

Helpful Customer Service Rep:  I'm not a scientist.  The scientists in the lab must have  a good reason for putting it in there.

Me:  Even though it's a carcinogen.  Okay.

Helpful Customer Service Rep:  So you're saying you have a concern about this?

Me: Yes, you could say that.

Helpful Customer Service Rep:  Well, you should talk to the person who sold it to you and they can tell you more about it.

Me:  (Smiling and squinting my eyes) Yes, okaaay, great, thanks for your help (NOT!).  Sounds like a good idea (false).  [Grab product and throw it in the garbage.]  Good bye!

So, as you can see, I was not exactly impressed with their customer service or their attempt at answering questions.  Nor am I really impressed with their product quality or their apparent lab skillz.  So if you ever happen to have to take some iodine, I recommend SKIPPING THEM.

Anyway, have a non-carcinogenic weekend and I'll catch ya on the flip side.

Peace, love and maybe you can fix your thyroid without swapping in some cancer,
Ms. Daisy

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