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Monday, May 20, 2013

Make Your Own: Facial Cleanser!

As you may know, I make my own deodorant (using the "Not A Secret" deodorant recipe over at Crunchy Betty.).  It's not difficult and I like that I know what's going on my armpits and travelling up to my lymph nodes (not aluminum).  I use arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch and modify the essential oils, but it is the basic recipe.

But, wonder of wonders, did you know that you can make an amazing astringent cleanser out of TWO, yes, TWO (!) simple ingredients!?  This is so easy that you will give yourself the good ol' head slap of Why Didn't I Do This Before.

Ladies and gentlemens (that word is so much funnier when its improperly plural!), I submit to you the difficult way to make your own facial cleanser.  Are you ready for this?  Hold on tight.

Get witch hazel.  Pour it into your bottle of choice.  Get dried thyme leaves.  Pour them in.  Shake it up.  Leave it for a while if you can.  A long while if you want.  It will turn a golden-y color, perhaps a little tan-ish.  Strain out the thyme leaves (I pour it over a coffee filter into a  glass measuring cup), well, that is, unless you LIKE smearing brownish bits of leaves onto your face and having them stick there.  

Schlop your golden creation onto a cotton (organic?) blob of your choice and slather your face with your new liquid wonder.

Don't you look amazing already!?

Thyme, as you may know, has anti-inflammatory properties, so if you've got some killer zits, you can work on the old shrink-o-la.  Witch hazel is a wonderful cleanser, but don't drink it.  Obvs.  

And that, my dears, is how to make a very simple, a very cost-effective (read: cheap), very natural facial cleanser.  Don't wipe those poisons on your face from your expensive cleanser, do your own thang and watch it work the magic.

Wanna give it a try?  You so should.

Peace, love and go wash your face,
Ms. Daisy

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