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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Healthy Granola - you and your food!

Have you ever made homemade granola bars?  Well if you haven't, YOU SO SHOULD.  But - I've read quite a few recipes and they all contain a poisonous and deadly horror: GMO (genetically modified organism) canola oil, the wolf in sheep's clothing for the health industry.

So is it ironic to anyone else that canola oil is like the cape-wearing savior of our heart-diseased era?  Canola oil is made from - are you even ready for this?  Something called RAPESEED.  I am not kidding.  Yep, they coulda called it rapeseed oil, but instead they made it come down from the glowing heights with an innocuous name like "canola".  Gee, I think it's origin was quite a bit more appropriate.

So this is what bugs me.  Canola oil is pretty much hanging out there with the big three (and I don't mean Chrysler, Ford and GM) of the GMO club: corn, soy and sugarbeets.  It's up there in the dishonorable mention category along with cotton and tomatoes.  

Have you heard/read the studies about GMO stuff?  It is so sick it would blow your mind.  You would wonder how people could get away with such junk.  

I wonder that pretty much every day.

So the studies were done to test what might happen generationally to rats who were fed GMO corn.  (Others have done studies using hamsters and GMO soy with the same results.)  In the third generation of rats consuming GMO corn, the rats were born with hair growing out of their mouth, deformed and shrunken testicles and were found to be 100% completely sterile.  It sounds like this is something out of a fiction sci-fi novel and it's actually out of a scientific journal.  Your grandkids will be living in a world of aliens that sick pervos made that will stem back to this generation.  Well, supposing we didn't blow up the world by then since we're not improving any lately.

Check it out for yourself:

That link shows pictures, if you want to be totally grossed out.

Do you want to know what happened to one of the scientists?  She had her stuff ransacked, burned and then she was fired.  Huh.  Sounds like someone might not like what she found.  Sounds  like that someone clearly would not want YOU finding out more about it.

To that, I say - fight the power, my dearies.  We can make a difference.  Do you know how much consumer power we have in our little pockets?  One of us might not be able to do a lot with what we have, but if all of us step up and say no, we won't buy it, guess what?  The greedy moneybagsters up at the top will see their profits dwindling and have to do something else.  Like perhaps, stop poisoning people.

And not to put too fine a point on it - if you are a parent - I beg and implore you, please, please, PLEASE refuse to feed your children GMO products.  If you want to consume it yourself and be sterile and get funky cancers and crazy crap for yourself, go ahead.  But they don't have a choice.  If your parents sterilized you with weird poison they gave you as a kid, once you became a married adult ready to have a family, you'd be hurt beyond words.  Don't be lazy about it.  They are your responsibility, you are the ones to answer for how you've cared for them.  If it's not on the label and it contains any corn/soy/sugar/canola, look up the company, get some contact information and ask them if they source non-GMO corn/soy/sugar/canola.   This is bigger than bPA, bigger than partially hydrogenated oils, bigger than the whole pile because if you ignore this one - the whole world won't be here in a few generations.  Apocalypse impending.  Hello?

Okay, I gotta climb down off of my soapbox for now and get the granola bars out of the oven.  What do I bake with?  Melted butter or coconut oil.  

It doesn't take a crunchy granola person to want to survive, it just takes someone with half of a sense of self-preservation and using their brain.  Don't cop out on me on this one.  It matters.

Make your granola and be granola!  Or, just preserve your progeny and skip the science experiment (that they're trying out on you).  Either way.

Peace, love and crunch louder!
Ms. Daisy

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