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Friday, December 28, 2012

Benzene: the next "Where's Waldo"

Top o'the mornin' to yus, me lovies.  I've got a bit of a project for you, if you're up for it.  If not, well...okay, have a few sips of your tea and see if you can work up to it.

It's good for you!  (Do all you rebels out there want to just not do it since I've just said that?  I understand completely.)

So here's the deal.  There's a crazy carcinogen out there, I'm sure you've maybe heard of it: benzene.  It's quite the known carcinogen, actually.  She's a real doozy.  

You might be so excited (not) to hear that she's hiding in plain sight in your medicine cabinet and perhaps even in your fridge!  Oh, lovely.  And if you're thinking she might only be lurking in your meds, actually, she's quite a bit more common in children's meds.  That's the sicker thing about it.

Now, it's not going to just say "BENZENE" on the label.  No, m'dearies.  If you saw that, you'd be throwing it out the window.  Instead, we get this lovely carcinogen from the combination (a.k.a. chemical reaction) of sodium benzoate and citric acid.  Sodium benzoate is used mainly as a preservative and every manufacturer is just straight up in mad love with it.  I've seen it on pop cans and in lotions and in liquid Tylenol and in Benadryl and in a pile of other things.

So think about this.  You have a little person in your home and they're sad and sick as can be.  You reach into the cupboard, thinking you'll alleviate some of their symptoms because you can't stand to see them suffering and grab some kiddo Tylenol (acetaminophin).  

What?  What's that?  Who is playing that Jaws music?  What foreboding are you suggesting?  

Oh, nothing really.  We've just been duped and trained to give our children (and ourselves) carcinogens when our immune systems are at their weakest.  GREAT IDEA.

Seriously?  Whoever thought this up is a real sick dude.  (Or dudette.)  

Would you like to read up on it a bit more?  Here are some links:

So do me a flavor (yes, I prefer flavor, just not the flavor of benzene.).  Check something in your medicine cabinet.  Does it have those two ingredients together?  Look in your fridge.  Did you find it?  It's Where's Waldo for benzene.  What a fun game.

Maybe not, but I'm trying to keep an eye out for yas.  

Happy (almost) New Year and make your resolution now not to carcinogen-ify yourself in 2013.

Peace, love and I'll have mine without the cancer, thank you,
Ms. Daisy

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