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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Just One Thing Challenge

some things people often want to change...but don't...
Good morning, peeps!  I am super excited to share the (bum ba da baaaaaaaaaaa!) Just One Thing challenge with you.

And you're like, "Wow, yeah!  That's great!'s the Just One Thing challenge?"

So here's what I'm thinking.  A lot of people want to be healthy, they really do.  But the problem lies in that there are sooooooo many things that you could do that it kind of gets down to being totally overwhelmed and when you hit that stage, you go in to the I Am Totally Giving Up mode.  You think about high fructose corn syrup, GMO's, partially hydrogenated oils, pop, microwave use, toxic tap water, household cleaners of death, toxic personal products, pesticides, and the list goes on and on - and as each thing is added to the top of the pile, you feel the sinking and drowning feeling that subdues you into passive exasperation, which makes you throw up your hands and say, "Forget it!  It's all going to kill me!  Why am I even going to try?!  I might as well enjoy my McDonald's burgers and forget about it!"  

No, my dears.  Do not give up.  I want you to live, dang it, LIVE!  An existence filled with prescription meds, unsatisfying quasi-food substances, a cloudy brain due to toxins, obesity, and cancer is not the optimal life.  It is the easier way, to be sure, but is that the life you're going to consider that you lived to the fullest when you get to the end of your story?  Don't you have a bucket list?
You can't do it all - all at once.  That makes people go nuts.  Change doesn't last. You've got to make change you can deal with, one step at a time.  That is how success happens.  (Unless you're my friend Nikki.  She cut everything cold turkey.  Side note: you have to take into consideration that Nikki won that Alpha award at Lifetime Fitness.  She's a little Type A and I appreciate that, cuz I am too, but most people find success down a slow, manageable path.)

That's what I'm here for today.  The Just One Thing challenge is just that.  Changing one little thing at a time, until it becomes an easy part of your routine.  I walked down this road and I can tell you, it works.  You can gain support knowing that other people are doing it, too.  You're not alone.  I'll help you through it.  I'll give you the why - which fuels the reasoning behind doing something to help it stick.  

So, what do you say?  Do you want to try it?  Want to jump on board?  Everybody's doin' it...  Spread the word.  Get your friends onboard, encourage them to be healthy, too.  Make a competition among yourselves to fuel your passion, which will optimize your success!  I won't ask you to do anything that I'm not doing, too.  

What do you think? Jump aboard, we're starting September 1.  More info to come.

Peace, love, and let's do just one thing,
Ms. Daisy

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