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Monday, April 29, 2013

Would you like a tumor with your aspartame? It's free.

Boy oh boy, have I got a doozy for you today.  I have been utterly immersed in researching this one (nearly to obsession, but you can pretend to be surprised by that) and I am nearly exploding to shed some light on this in hopes that I can save some of you from possible horrifying future misery.

The topic: aspartame.

So check this out.  Aspartame is made from (SERIOUSLY, GET THIS) phenylalanine, produced by a GENETICALLY MODIFIED (yes, like it couldn't get worse) strain of FRICKIN E. COLI!  GMO E. coli.  Really?  REALLY?  It's like someone was sitting in some evil dark lab somewhere thinking of a way to kill people...hmm...what could I do here?  Let's see, what's really bad?  I know!  E. coli!  Yeah!  Well, but how can I make it even worse?  Oh yeah!  GMO it!

When it breaks down in your body, it becomes these unpronouncable things that have acronyms like DKP (a carcinogen), (among three or four others that I cannot even spell or imagine how to spell) methanol (nerve poison), formaldehyde (carcinogen anyone?), and formic acid (another nerve poison).
How did this crazy thing get into our food supply?

Oh I'm so glad you asked!

Well, it wasn't always permitted.  See, that was the problem.  The makers of aspartame (also known as NutraSweet, AminoSweet, Equal, Canderel, and an even more modified and heat-resistant version called neotame) were totally not able to sell their brilliant poison  product and this was totally a bummer, man!  Like how are they going to make like billions of dollars if they can't sell it?  Gosh!  So UNFAIR!  Their company name was G.D. Searle and you'll just pee your pants of shock to know that they were bought by your dear, sweet, loving and most favorite company of all: Mon Satan.  I mean, Monsanto.  Gosh, always get those confused.  Sorry.

Well, how are they going to get it FDA approved?  It was, then it wasn't.  Then testing was done, then it was criticized.  Everything was a mess.  Who can G.D. Searle get to save their ship?  Bum ba da bum - how about Donald Rumsfeld!  He got voted in as president of G.D. Searle and viola, all of their problems were solved.  SOMEHOW he got it slid right in with no problema whatsoever.  Golly, I was so worried for a minute!

That was in the early 80's.  The next year (OH SO MYSTERIOUSLY) saw a rise in brain tumors (up 60%) along with a rise in lymphomas and leukemia, but all the other cancers either decreased or stayed the same.  Huh.  That's weird.  Probably has nothing to do with the 70 billion zillion tons of aspartame that got dumped into every food product possible.  In one year, 80% of the complaints made to the FDA (and these are only the reported ones) were from consumption of products that contained aspartame.

Scientists and physicians started to raise their eyebrows here and make an outcry against this poison, but (you're going to be SO relieved when you hear this part) THANKFULLY, studies PAID FOR BY G.D. SEARLE (really?) said that everything was ship-shape, A-ok.  (Pay no attention to all the other studies that were saying it causes cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, should be illegal, etc.)

Since that time, several studies have been done.  One of the most famous ones comes from an Italian study that fed rats and mice aspartame and allowed them to die a natural death (most studies exterminate rats/mice at 110 days to check for results).  What they found was shocking.  (But not to you.)  Brain tumors and lymphomas were abundant and off the charts.  You do know that lymphomas used to be totally rare, right?  They are now crawling fast to the tops of the charts.

Monsatan didn't like that very much and had some of their peeps do some studies to show that aspartame was "very safe".  Once again, we can be so relieved, even though 92% of independent studies identified one OR MORE problems with its safety.  

What are some of the side effects of aspartame?  Check these out:
mood change
abdominal pain/cramps
vision changes (one scientist volunteered to be a "guinea pig" and after consuming aspartame became blind in one eye)
memory loss
shooting pains
numbness in legs
tinnitus (ringing in ears)
joint pain
unexplainable depression (good thing THAT'S not common, eh?)
anxiety attacks
slurred speech
blurred vision
premature birth
insulin resistance
vestibular and cochlear toxicity
decrease in dopamine (which leads to Parkinson's Disease)
learning disorders
lack of emotional functioning
brain tumors

Read that off and pretend you're watching a prescription drug commercial.  Yeah.  Hilarious.


So most recently, Dr. Russell Blaylock has confirmed that aspartame (which is categorized as an excitotoxin) and other excitotoxins not only were prime CAUSES of cancer (they adhere to and break DNA - and what is broken DNA?  A mutation of cells - aka cancer.) but when cancer is finally present, it mobilizes cancer exponentially.  It is as if you just gave the cancer running shoes and built them some legs and told them to have a great marathon.  (MSG is another one of these excitotoxins.)

Just a teensy hunch, but I'm going to guess you DON'T want to do that if you've got cancer.

Where can you find this poison?  Gum, mints, low-fat yogurt, diet pop, sugar-free crap,  cereal, cooking sauces, CHILDREN'S MEDICATIONS, flavored waters and in pink packets on the restaurant tables.

If you'd like to watch a documentary about a woman who was poisoned by aspartame and went on a hunt for the truth, it's called Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World.  Youtube it.

If you're pregnant and consume any of these things, you may as well be stabbing your unborn child in the face with a blowtorch because the results for babies in-utero are exponentially worse and permanent.

Get that stuff OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.  Seriously.  It is not worth it.  Put it in a hazmat bag and get rid of it.

Don't become a statistic.

Peace, love and isn't the history of poison so INTERESTING!?
Ms. Daisy

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  1. As a society we are poisoning ourselves in many ways. Eating this unnatural chemical is one of them. Thanks for drawing attention to it.