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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Camp Horror Food

Have you ever sent your offspring to summer camp?  Usually, once they get around an appropriate age where they are fairly self-sufficient, they are allowed to go hang out for a week with their peers and do hedonistic things all day like go swimming, zip-lining, pet animals, and the like.

Now to be fair, they do have camp counselors who are hired to corral them and tell them when they have to wake up, eat and go to sleep.  It is almost a function of growing up in these United States.

While all of these things seem oh-so-beneficial (yes, sounds like it, quite sure), there is something that alarms me just a teensy bit (as if a week of pure wild hedonism isn't quite enough) and that is the utter quality and purity of the food selections offered.  I am pretty sure that we're straight up GFS-ing it (GFS, if you don't have it, is a bulk "food" store where you can get "food" in aluminum cans that are bigger than your toilet and all manner of preserved and pre-fabbed quasi-foods filled to the top with pretty much everything you would never think of putting into your own mouth - partially hydrogenated oils, artifical colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, GMO soy and corn products, and anything else you would scoff wildly at.  Or I would, whatever.) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For a week.

What's a responsible parent to do?  You know, being that, if we go out to eat at all (which we do, four times a year - once for Valentine's Day with our friends, and for 3 birthdays), we pretty much instantly get sick the day after (or two).  It's great.  So I can imagine the amount of loveliness that it would be for my little to fill up on such yum-sies for an entire week.  This compounded with 2 hours less sleep daily is sure to make a delight of a child.  

So what would you do?

Here's what I'm thinking.  I probably should just call the place and ask if they would be okay with me sending a week's worth of food.  What's the harm in that, eh?  You never know until you ask.  And if you're ever faced with this, perhaps if there are enough of us out there who want a better food choice for our children, maybe they'll be inspired to change their food choices and provide something more real.

How to get to that spot?  I think it's through educating people who make those decisions about food choices.  Kinda like your own personal version of Jamie Oliver.

It's do-able and it's worth it.

Peace, love and feed them well!
Ms. Daisy

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