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Friday, April 12, 2013

My kind of party!

I am SO EXCITED about the new book I got in the mail.  I was peeking out the window, watching for the mail lady to bring me a wonderful large envelope containing this fascinating and delightful book.  I waited for days...and then - it finally came.  

The rays of heavenly sunshine and the angels singing announced that yesterday the beloved book had arrived.

I tore open the yellow envelope and beheld it - it was everything I had hoped for.  And more!

What is this amazing book, you may wonder?  I will be ever so glad to tell you.

It is - Grammar by Diagram by Cindy L. Vitto.  This book is a thorough investigation into the fascinating look at grammar and diagramming sentences.  She is a delight and a wonder.  Oh!  The organization of this book!  She even devotes a great deal of her introduction to explaining why the book is organized as it is.

I could hardly wait until the children were in bed to cozy up on the couch with my new grammar book.  It even includes quizzes!  Be still my beating heart.  I eagerly began - she starts, of course, with nouns and pronouns (what sane person wouldn't!) and does not only just give you the general idea; she dives in head first and gives all sorts of wonderful categories (subjective, objective, reflexive, intensive, possessive, indefinite, reciprocal, interrogative, demonstrative and relative).  Joy of all joys!

As I absorbed every jot and tittle, I began thinking as I approached the diagramming how completely and utterly fun sentence diagramming is and I had this great thought: oh my goodness, party games!

I asked my sleeping husband, "Oh honey!  I have an idea!  Wouldn't it be a fun party game to diagram sentences?"

He roused himself awake to answer, "Um...well...not for me..."

Party pooper!

Yeah, I guess not, though.  Already at our parties we don't serve pop (poison) and my kids think dessert is eating a prune, so if I started passing out sentences to diagram, I guess that might put some people over the top.

Well, I would like it anyway.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll just save it for my birthday instead of pulling it off as a fun kid's game (like instead of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey?).  


And now, back to p. 61.

Peace, love and I love pedestaling prepositional phrases that function as predicate adjectives,
Ms. Daisy

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