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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Open Letter to Senator Blunt: Creator of the Monsanto Protection Act

Dear Senator Blunt,

I understand that you had an integral part in devising what has now been nicknamed the "Monsanto Protection Act" and I write to you today to ask you to think about the eternal consequences for doing so. 

According to many sources, you claim that you are a Southern Baptist.  If this is truly your conviction, you believe that in the beginning God (through his Son, Jesus) created the world and declared that it was good.  If you adhere to other Southern Baptist doctrine, you believe that God is the author of life and He is supreme and the authority over our physical world (as well as spiritual). 

Your decision to support, create a bill for and protect the biotech company Monsanto spits in the face of God as sovereign creator and protects a business whose unquenchable thirst for money and power disturbs, destroys and disfigures the world that God created and the people in it.  I am sure you are well-read enough to know of the sterilization and death that comes as a result of the consumption of genetically modified crops and seeds.

At your hands, you have allowed, promoted and protected a company who will be at fault for death.  The blood of those who will be affected is on your hands.  However you thought of this or justified it, it will eventually come to you and be your condemnation.  Your children Matt, Amy, Andrew and Charlie (along with your grandchildren Davis, Eva, Ben, William, Brooks and Allyson) will live in the world that you have helped make exponentially more toxic and sick.

Perhaps you can use your 30 pieces of silver to buy yourself a good field.

Ms. Daisy

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