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Friday, March 22, 2013

They're Lying: Cholesterol Edition

Hey, what are you doing tonight?  Do you want to watch a movie?  I have one for you.  I will tell you right now that not everyone will want to step up to watch this movie because it does not contain flashing lights, explosions, colorful wonders, a cast of varied and hilarious characters nor wild amusements beyond compare.

This video is basically a shocking presentation debunking the myth of the lipid hypothesis and its role in our society and the "problem of cholesterol".  

It is presented by Sally Fallon - author of Nourishing Traditions.  She starts off with a joke (that she uses as a point later on) that her philosophy of cholesterol problems must be lettuce consumption.  The absurdity of that statement is weaved around the absurdity of what we have come to believe and accept as fact.

What you likely know about cholesterol is spoon-fed lies, purposely done not for your good, but to protect big business and lobbyists.  You are intentionally being deceived - not by your medical doctor - they've been indoctrinated in the hogwash and are in the same boat as you.  It's bigger and uglier than that.  I am not trying to go all conspiracy on you, but I am putting it out there because it is that whacked out.  

She takes a historical look at heart disease and the point in the United States where we had the first recorded heart attack, and brings it up to today.  She has inside documents (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and researchers who were on the forefront and on the inside of the scoop) that will shock the socks off of yas.  

If you or someone you know and love is on cholesterol-lowering medication, I BEG you to watch this.  I seriously think if we got this out, we could save the lives of a lot of people.  I know it sounds dramatic, but I am completely serious.

This puppy is two hours long and will not bring you waves of excitement, but I can guarantee that if you watch this, you will be shocked, baffled and enlightened.

I know it is a lot to ask of someone to dedicate two hours, but if you think you might be up for an education on the subject, please watch this video.

You will be changed.

Here's the link, it's called "The Oiling of America".

Peace, love and go find out how they've been lying to you,
Ms. Daisy

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