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Friday, March 8, 2013

More coffee??

My hubby looooves coffee.  Loves.  He and his Starbucks blend are homies.  He opens the cupboard with the freshly ground beans and says (often), "Mmm!  That smells SO GOOD!"  As you've heard from last week, I am a non-coffee person.  I do agree it smells good.  But it tastes like dirt.  So.  I'm good with tea.


We have had those 1-cup thingies (like Keurig-esque machines) because the hubby, although he has a mad love for coffee, will only drink one cup per day - and that only after breakfast.  It's very specific.  Every once in a long while, you can get him to have a cup with a dessert after dinner if he's at a friend's house, but otherwise prefers to cherish his one cup per diem.  This has worked just fine.

Until one broke.  I don't know what happened.  One day, the water just would not flow.    It would spit at us in sort of a lame and half defiant way, kind of lazy, kind of bored with doing it's job.  So we took it back to the store.  At this good store with a good return policy, they told us to go ahead and pick out a new one.

So we did.

Then after about four months, it broke too.

More spitting, more lameness.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, how hard is it, thing, to just heat some water up and spit it through the hole?  Remember those plug-in hot water things back in college?  It's like that, really.  All it needs to do is heat water and suck it down into a tube so it can flow over the itty bitty coffee holder.  But nooooo, it's too tired after working so hard at making one cup per day for four months, so it just quit.

What EVER!

So we've had it with these lame and lazy appliances.

He mentioned that he wanted one of those ones that go on the stove and sort of percolates your coffee.  So online we went and found...bum ba da baaaa!  (Imagine doorways of blaringly bright light shining out at you in a golden array.)  The Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker.

This should have been read in as dramatic a way as possible.  You may want to try that sentence again with a little more "oomf", a little more passion.  Use the mysterious eyebrows, the flailing arms, go all out.

Good.  Now you've got it.

So we go online and youtube how it works - basically you put coffee in the top glass urn, pour water in the bottom one, put it on a heat source, when the pressure builds up, it will force the water upward to the coffee section, squirt wildly like a Mt. St. Helens type of thing and slowly fill the bottom level with perfect coffee.

The youtube had a monkey winking at  you at the end so we were very confident that this was clearly the right thing to order with our store credit.

And order we did!

Oh the joy!  Oh the anticipation!

It came in the mail.  Glory!

We opened the box with excited hands, just so happy to get our little mitts on the fantastic scientific contraption - when - wait.  What the crap?

It's broken.

The top bulb of glass was punctured.  Poops!

Wretched elusive coffee makers!  Foiled again!

Meanwhile, the 14 year-old Mr. Coffee 12-cupper is chugging along just fine (as it's back out on our counter after a short hiatus.).

Raise your hand if you're surprised.  Bueler?  Exactly.

Ah well.  I'll let you know how it goes when it gets here (again).

Peace, love and thank the Lord I drink tea,
Ms. Daisy

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