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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rant: Volume 1

The following is a rant.  Should you wish not to participate in listening to such blabbering, bid this post adieu and go polish your silver collection, play Spider Solitaire or make elaborate plans how you should save your money and pay off your debts.

And now, for those of you left, without further ado comes: Ranting - Volume 1.

Okay.  As you know, I do things (let's say) a little (lot) differently than most (pretty much anyone I know).  I love grinding my wheat berries into fresh flour.  I make facial cleansers, eye makeup removers, pasta, bread, kombucha, yogurt and crocheted hats.  I like hanging my laundry out on the line in the spring and summer on my whirly.  I love gardening, teaching my kids Latin and the fact that my first grader is doing long division.  I don't eat food from a box (well, okay, except for Trader Joe's organic mac and cheese - I haven't broken that habit yet).  I quit facebook.  I think food is your best medicine.  I think it's fun to learn foreign languages and read books about English monarchs.

Since I am an individual, I understand and expect other people to be their own individuals also.  I do not think that they should necesarily have to make kombucha (even though it is really good for you - you can make up your own mind), I don't force my friends to sign a contract promising they will serve me foods from freshly ground organic winter white berries.  I do not look down on people if their 4 year-old could not write in cursive or ask me "Quid agis?" (satis bene!).  I do not think they're dummy heads if they cannot tell you what caused the fall of the Roman empire or memorize chapters of the Bible.  

But for crying out loud, why are you gonna hate on me for doing it?  Really.  What is the problem?  Why is my life offensive to you?  Do you feel that I am insulting you by hanging my clothes outside to dry?  It's not meant for anyone else's approval checks so I really don't care whether or not you agree with what I'm doing it, but why on EARTH do you care?

I have several friends who have five children or more.  They are great parents.  Every single one of them has lamented the fact that people they know (and complete strangers) come up to them and offer their opinion on whether or not they should have a large family.  Excuse me?  The last time I checked, they were not expecting other people to raise their children, buy their clothes, pay for their food or teach them to read.  They do not accept assistance from the government.  They live within their means and do what they've got to do.  Can you imagine the amount of sacrifice you must endure to have seven children under 9 years old?  You can't even pee, breathe or sleep without someone talking to you, touching you or needing something from you.  TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY FOR TWENTY YEARS.

It seems a bit pathetic for some stranger to speak flippantly about matters they've considered nothing about in their own lives (as they drive a BMW and go to the gym five times a week) while the person they are speaking to is living hourly under the life-commitment they've made, dedicating themselves wholly to their passion for doing what they believe is right.

Let the silly comments cease ("Don't you know what causes that?", "Are you done having children?", "Are those all yours?").  It broadcasts your ignorance with a megaphone and your selfishness makes you look like a beast.

(Bonus - two rants for the price of one.)

Okay, I feel a little better.  If someone else has a way of life that is different than yours,  it is OKAY.  You don't have to do it that way.  You can do your own thing.  But for the love of all that is good and decent, get a life and don't be wigged out when they aren't conforming to your standards of normal.  If you research and find something out and want to change, guess what?  That's permitted too.  (That's called learning and growth.)

Two snaps up in a circle, you betta check yo-self before you wreck yo-self.

Peace, love and heave a sigh of relief - the rant's over,
Ms. Daisy


  1. Ms. Daisy,

    I'm guessing that the folks who criticize you for your choices are only intimidated by all that you do. You are an amazing woman and even by this one post really seem to have your life all together. For some that is a very intimidating thing and the only thing they can do to make themselves feel better about where they are in life is to put someone else down.

    An unfortunate thing, but it's true.

    I agree with you and sometimes feel the same way, but good gracious you are so beyond my skills!! You teach your kids latin? My hats off to you! What a remarkable woman you are. Keep up the amazing work!

    All those who criticize you can stand at the sidelines and watch. Their loss. :) (wink, wink)

    Thanks for participating in the Hen House blog. We love comments!

  2. Sheri,

    I do apologize for jumping off the homronal deep-end that day, I don't know if this was the first post you've read of mine, but I am far from having it all together. :) And I hope you don't think of me as more insane than I actually am because I admire you very much and think you are TOTALLY AMAZING. (If any of you don't know who Sheri Salatin is, get your booty over to Polyface Farms Hen House blog - my homepage and a source of wonderful perspective and information! ) And teaching Latin only *sounds* cooler than it really is when you have an ultra helpful curriculum that lays it all out for you. ;) (But, yes, I do love languages.) Thank you for your sweet words. You posting on my blog made my week! :) Have a blessed weekend! xo - Ms. Daisy

  3. WOW! I know, even though you don't, that this post was absolutely written on my behalf. Today was the first time I read this post. Let me just tell you that today as we were checking out from the hotel we found a condom rapped around the door-handle of our car, and that's not even the worse thing that happened to us today! This story involves two policemen knocking on our hotel-room door asking for our identification ... just you wait til you hear the rest of this story!!! God have mercy!

  4. Wow, the world gets weirder and weirder. Maybe it didn't have to do with your family and it was just a bunch of teenagers who just got out of health class from their local public high school and wanted to decorate door handles with their new toys. OR a couple with one child (on purpose, because others are a nuisance and would dent their future 401k somehow) decided after seeing your family that they had been selfish and idiotic and decided to give up condoms from henceforth and thought to proclaim it via announcing it to your door knob, sort of like planting the American flag on the moon - just in a weirder, more socially-challenged way? Or maybe there was a kid party and the adult was supposed to order balloons to celebrate and got condoms instead and started thinking it would be a good idea to wrap them around door knobs as disease prevention (because we all know how dirty door handles are...really need to use protection). I'm guessing it could have been a combination of all of the above - but either way, I can't wait to hear your story. ;) xo