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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This Makes Me Laugh

On the day that I guessed the Christmas present that my husband bought for me, I responded immediately with a giant freak out because it was too large and expensive.  I then felt an absurd amount of jerkfulness, especially as his thoughtfulness was directly inversely proportional to my unwarranted spazfulness.  

The only way to console myself was to Google "I am a jerk", which led me to a quiz, which I dutifully took and failed (or passed - whatever you call it when you are a jerk).  This plunged me into more sentiments of disturbing-ness.  

I had to climb out and distract myself from myself.  But how?  (I mean, besides the part where you go and say you are a jerk and will you forgive my horridness.)

Oh! Yeah! Reading funny t-shirts on Zazzle.  I submit, therefore, the evidences of my pathetic evening pre-Christmas.  

You're welcome?  

Peace, love, and don't be a jerk in the first place,
Ms. Daisy


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