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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My great ideas!

I know you may find this nearly impossible to believe, but my hubby and I have differing opinions on what exactly consists of a great idea.  (I know, RIGHT?!  SO WEIRD!)  In the last 28 days, I have come up with at least 3 great ideas, but they were all shot down for one reason or another.  Allow me to divulge the details to you.  

My first great idea was the idea that for New Year's eve, we should have a 90's dance party in our basement.  I envisioned a whole pile of people with me as I danced my guts off to Pump Up the Jam and Gonna Make You Sweat (as opposed to my usual dancing in the basement solo).  We could move the table out of the room, blast some 90's dance hits, and sweat uncontrollably into the new year.

For some reason, my hubby did not think this was a good idea!  He brought up the idea that our house was miniscule-esque, and secondly that he hates dancing.  I think that the second rebuttal was a stronger factor than the first, but he pressed the former as it seemed more logical.  Fine.  

The next great idea came just within hours of that first idea.  I decided that we ought to move to Switzerland in 2015.  (Originally it was either going to be Switzerland or Svalbard, but after much consideration, I chose Switzerland.)  You know what they say, right?  If you want the American dream, move to Switzerland.  (No, actually, I am not kidding.  People say that.)  Can you just imagine all of that grass-fed Emmentaler?  And they hide cannons in their barns and every house has it's own arsenal, but they are neutral and won't pick fights.  (See if you can say that about America.)  They have bombs attached to their bridges in case an enemy tries to attack!  They're geniuses.  Hello, Swiss Army knife anyone?  Yeah.  Exactly.  

And I could learn a few more languages, which is a bonus.  I speak Spanish and I have limited knowledge of a few other languages, but this would exponently help learning a variety of other languages.  They actively oppose GMOs, are uber clean, and have one of the highest standards of living in the world.  Sign me up.  So I went on some Swiss job search page and loosely guessed at the French and Italian and told my husband I'd find him something great.  For some reason, he kaboshed yet ANOTHER great idea.  


This morning I came up with my third great idea.  It came to me as I was driving home from the gym.  I have been learning Mandarin Chinese on CD (Pimsleur) in the car (it was my Christmas present!), but haven't uploaded it to my ipod yet to listen to it while I run.  I do, however, have Hebrew on my ipod.  When I got into the car, I plugged the ipod in to listen to the Hebrew lessons for nostalgic sake (I haven't reviewed it in such a long time).  I heard the Pimsleur guy asking to say nearly the same things he asks you to say in Mandarin, and then it came to me.  

I could just pause and answer in both languages and do them both at the same time.  

What a time saver!  Two languages at once!  I would call it Duo Linguo.  Pimsleur (or I) should invent a program that you can drop in two languages at once and say them.  

It would go like this:  
Pimsleur guy: Try to say, "I am American."  
Me: At americait.  Wo shi mei gua ren.  THIS IS SO AMAZING!  (p.s. I have no idea how to spell in Hebrew or Mandarin.  Sorry.  It's all verbal.)

Then they would have the native speakers say it so you could check your work, as usual.  I came in the house, and nearly glowed with excitement.  

Me: Honey, honey, honey!  Guess what?  Ohmuhgawsh, I have a GREAT idea!  What if we made a thing that you could learn two languages at the same time!  Wouldn't that be great!  You'd save so much time and learn twice as much!  
Hubby:  Um...wouldn't that be confusing?  
Me:  No!  Hebrew and Mandarin sound nothing alike!  
Hubby:  That's not really what I meant...  

Ah, well.  I'll keep trying.  

Peace, love, and yodel in the Alps, 
Ms. Daisy

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