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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Want to help a passionate foodie?

Well, maybe she's not a foodie, but she has a passion for good, real food.  Whatever you want to call that - a real fooder?  

Anyway.  This is a girl named Brie.  She is the queen of food over at Polyface Farms.  (And if you don't know Polyface Farms, well, you oughta!  It is the author/farmer Joel Salatin's farm, who was featured on Food Inc. who was processing his meat chickens out in the open air with fresh water.  They are located in Virginia.)

Brie has the job of serving up food for twenty-something people on a daily basis.  She gets to use the abundance of a beautiful farm and their healthy produce and meat to bring health and happiness to those who work there.  She has dedicated her life to serving others in this way.

She got started into this passion because she began developing food allergies and had to start learning where all of her food came from in order to be safe and eat well.  She has expanded her knowledge and experience and is now ready to take an even bigger jump to educate herself across the pond in Ireland at a school named Ballymaloe Cookery School.

She has saved up, but she needs a little help for the last bit.  I don't know if you'd be able to help someone in this way, but if you'd like to hear it from her own mouth of what she's doing and where she wants to go, she has a video you can watch.

Check it out: Brie Aronson explains her relationship with and passion for good food.

I personally thought it was worthwhile.  Anyone on board with promoting traditional, real, local and sustainable practices is an A+!  

Peace, love and c'mon and give Brie $10,
Ms. Daisy

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